The Rape Agenda

Hollywood and much of the entertainment industry seems hell-bent on violating our favorite movies from our youth. I call this the Rape Agenda. Nowadays it seems most Hollywood movies are just remakes of older ones, or retelling of old stories or myths. Very few original stories. Not only that they take a story or a franchise we once loved and remake it into something bland or simply horrible. The best example of this would be Star Wars.

I loved Star Wars as a child, but when I got a bit older, a teenager I grew away from that. It thought Star Wars was still OK, but a bit childish. Then they made the remastered versions, which was nice. However after that they made the butchered version with all of the annoying CGI crap added. Anyone with half-a-brain hated it, we felt betrayed and hurt. Then there was Episode 1 which was awful. It hurt us more. Episodes 2 and 3 were even worse. In the end I got tired of all this Star Wars stuff. I stopped caring. What once had been a great adventure trilogy combined with some actually neat toys and computer games, had became a painful joke.

Star Wars was only the beginning. For the last ten years or maybe more, Hollywood is continuously taking a franchise from our youth and making a new version of it. Transformers, Star Trek, Marvel stuff, Planet of the Apes, Alice in Wonderland, Evil Dead, ad nauseam. Sometimes remakes are good, a fresh way of looking at something familiar, but when most of the movies you make are remakes you have a problem. The question is why do they do this? I don’t have the full answer, but I have some ideas why they might be doing it. And the answer, is of course multifaceted.

1. Hollywood is run by reptiles with no imagination or originality, therefore they have to rip off old ideas to make money. That is probably one reason, but not the whole reason.

2. Taking your childhood fantasies and distorting them makes you more apathetic toward the world. You no longer care about things you thought were important to you as you let go off it, thus it is easier for the New World Order to push their agenda unhindered. Making bad movies might seem far off from being a form of social control but along with countless other factors they can affect people’s behaviour.

3. Re-writing history in an Orwellian manner. For us old people (I’m 31) who still remember the “good old days” it may not work as well, but for young people (20 and under) it gives a wrong idea of those movies, of our cultural history. How many preteens have seen the original versions of the Star Wars movies, without the CGI? They might not even know they’ve been altered, or if they know they don’t care because they’ve told this is newer, better. Kids tend to like new things and see old things as musty and boring. They see the new Star Trek movie and think that is Star Trek. It is not. It is only the shell of Star Trek. It just looks more flashy, new, energetic compared to the old stuff, kids think it’s better compared to the Original Series which has silly cardboard sets, guys in silly costumes pretending to be aliens and so on. The new one looks so much better. But is has no content. It might be entertaining (to some), but those remakes have no idea what the soul of the original was.

If they can just rewrite movies like that to suit their purposes, what prevents them to write history that way too? The remakes try to make it is seem as the original didn’t matter. It wasn’t good enough, or suitable for our agenda. We can remake it in our image. It’s as if historical facts do not matter, all you need to know are a few details you can spin anyway you want as long as it sounds good.

The myths of my generation are our movies and video games. They gave us a sense of identity of who we are. They gave us philosophical concepts to ponder about. Adventures to inspire us. Moral dilemmas to worry about. Our myths did not consist of pantheon of ancient gods and heroes like Zeus and Hercules, or even the Bible. They were for older, rural generations. My childhood heroes varied from Luke Skywalker to the ninja turtle Michaelangelo. Treasure Island Dizzy and Final Fantasy VII inspired me in many ways. Among my current heroes are captains Kirk and Picard. They inspire me to be something better, to hold on to values I deem important. It doesn’t matter I know they are fictional heroes. In fact, I think it is good that way. Yet when someone tries to distort the image of those heroes, it does concern me. I have every right to see that as an attack toward something I care about. I have a responsibility to do so.

Most of these remakes movies are watered down entertainment at best. You may argue as much as you want whether a particular remake was good or not. If it was faithful to the original, and how faithful it should be in the first place, since it’s a different movie it should be different in some ways. None of that matters, since I don’t care about the entertainment value of the movie that much. There are countless ways of being entertained in this world. The argument is that the remakes can never capture the spirit, the message of the original, whatever that was. Telling a story, a good one, is always based on the author having something he or she wants to say. A message, a feeling, an experience, an idea, the sense of adventure. That is why real people tell stories. However I don’t see that is most of the remakes, not in contemporary Hollywood. It’s more about selling something. If they really wanted to tell a story, they’d make original stories instead rehashing old ones. Like the Troy movie which came out some years ago, where Brab Pitt played Achilles. I watched it a few months ago. It was OK, I didn’t have many complaints about it. Yet, I still cannot understand why it was made. What was the story they wanted to convey. It was more like they have this big movies industry with all the machines and people so they have to use it. Like the arms industry. They make new weapons every year, so someone has to find a war to fight in order to be useful, so the industry keeps making more weapons.

I don’t hate all remakes. For example the new Battlestar Galactica was great, and I guess it’s not Hollywood since it’s a TV series. That series had a message, philosophical and spiritual issues to think about, mysteries to marvel and exciting adventure. It wasn’t merely a nicely painted shell.


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