The 4th of July armed march to Washington

Adam Kokesh is promoting the idea of an armed march to Washington DC on the 4th July as a demonstration of sorts. He was arrested, spent about a week in police custody and was released recently. The march, provided they can find thousands of participants, sounds heroic on the surface, but beyond the surface it’s hard not to be skeptical.

It’s good for the American people show their power and make use of their Second Amendment rights. But it’s never that simple, is it? There’s always something we don’t see. Factors we have consider by intuition and experience. The shadows behind the scene. Nothing is ever exactly as it says on the package.

Anthony Gucciardi pointed out some good points how the march could be used against the people. For example somebody fires a gunshot, even if the police start it, the media will spin it the way to say “Right-wing gun nuts fired at the police”. Alex Jones also alluded to this in an interview with Adam Kokesh. It’s very hard to imagine any sort of agent provocateurs would not be employed in such an event. Surely Adam Kokesh knows this. He’s full of bravado, but does he have any actual plan of making the march work as intended? He said something like he’s gonna inspect every participant himself if need be, but what sense does that make? If there are thousands of people, how can he smell the bad apples from the crowd of countless strangers?

My guess is either Adam Kokesh is acting rashly and emotionally, wanting to do something big, and in essence being used by The Powers That Be, or he’s controlled opposition. I know it’s not very “kosher” to accuse people of being controlled opposition, and I’m not accusing him, I’m merely considering a possibility. I’m hardly an expert when it comes to Adam Kokesh. I’ve seen some of his videos before. He said some nice things, but I never really found much incentive to start following his work in any detail. So let’s just say this is my conspiracy theory. Something that in my mind could be true, but really I have little actual evidence to say anything for certain.

When I first heard of Kokesh couple of years ago I was suspicious of him, simply because I’m suspicious of everyone. I think everyone who is part of the opposition is controlled opposition when I first see them. That’s basically how I work. But he seemed after seeing a few videos, but not that interesting to me, as I already noted. But when I heard about the arrest, and it was filmed too, it reminded me of Charlie Veitch. If I remember correctly he was arrested too bit before he became a complete turncoat and spouted complete shite about the 9/11 official version being true. I assume during the time he was under arrest he was being given new instructions, training by his handlers. Possibly the same is the case for Adam Kokesh. Of course the arrest has the additional effect of giving him more attention, and it was reported on Infowars how he acted tough after being released:

“Released 130524 with felony charges reduced to citations which I refused to sign. Played hardball. Won. Talk to you Monday.”

Now he seems like such a bad ass hero, but let’s see what the situation is after couple of months. He looks like the Pied Piper leading kids to their doom (provided people are even intending to join his march). Whether he’s doing it intentionally or not, is hard to say.

I hope I’m wrong about this. Adam Kokesh seems like a nice guy, so let’s hope he is. I’m not saying he’s bad, I merely want to bring up the possibility. Maybe he really is a bad ass hero who is gonna show the Federal Government who’s boss. I hope so. But it’s just so difficult not to be skeptical about this stuff. Still, I think the march isn’t going to happen. Maybe that’s not even the true intention of this game, something else is. A bit of drama for the masses while actual important stuff is taking place elsewhere.


3 thoughts on “The 4th of July armed march to Washington”

  1. Honestly I like Kokesh, but the rally seems like a bad idea or the reasons you stated… That being said I see maybe 50 people turning up, most wil be kids in the 18-24 year range and nothing will happen, no march, no change, just a little blurb for the minority media to write on.

    1. If there’s only a few dozen people it would probably the easiest to turn it into a propaganda piece. Here’s hoping Kokesh knows what he’s doing. That he has an actual plan to overcome the difficulties.

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