Economics is for Teenage Girls

As our world is told to obsess over the economic system and money in general we should take time to ask the question, why are economics important, and what exactly is it anyway? Economics, the stock market and all that seems very complicated which is why most people don’t understand it, yet instead of admitting it, they pretend they do in order not to seem stupid á la Emperor’s New Clothes -syndrome. I don’t really understand it either, especially I don’t understand the need for our economic system, because I think it’s bullshit. Managing resources correctly so people don’t starve, run out of materials to build houses they need, etc, is important, but this economic system we have uses vital resources as a pawn in an insane global game.

Especially the stock market is a bunch of teenage girls gossiping about the their latest crush. When the gossip is good, the guy is handsome the economy is doing well, when the girls begin to think he’s lame or disgusting the economy is bad. A new boy walks into the class room. The teen girls, i.e. stockbrokers or investors, think he’s handsome. They hear his name is Jack, very manly. Then they see he’s good at sports. The stocks are soaring. The girls hear he’s also rich. Economy is doing even better. However, then they hear a rumour he likes to torture animals. He likes a creepy anime that is notorious for perversion. He supposedly beat someone into hospital for no reason. The stocks plummet. The girls hate Jack. They lose interest. Week later they hear those nasty things were not true. It doesn’t matter, the girls’ heart has already made their judgment. This is how the stock market works. It is an art (hardly even that), not science, yet we are told it is science.

When the investors feel confident about something, the stocks are high. When they aren’t, they’re not doing well. What the fuck? It’s not based on any actual fact, science, reason or anything concrete. Just the emotions of some people we don’t know. And we let this system rule our world? Sounds like teen girls to me. I’m not saying the emotional turmoil of teenage girls is meaningless, it probably is very important for them, but the rest of us who see little significance in their neuroses shouldn’t go along with it. Let them obsess over whatever they want, while adults do important stuff, OK.


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