Blood Magic

I don’t think oil consists (merely) of dead dinosaurs and whatnot. I heard years ago also the claim that oil is abiotic, i.e. not made of dead biomatter.  When I heard it, I found the idea fascinating and at least got me to think of oil in a new way. I cannot say whether the abiotic oil theorists are right or not, but eventually it lead me to the idea that oil is the blood of the earth. I have no evidence for this, no science to back it up. The only support I have this that I’ve noticed some other people have reached the same conclusion independently. The earth is a living organism and therefore needs blood to circulate, although I’ve no idea whether oil circulates or not. I would not trust main stream science or oil companies to tell me how oil behaves in it’s natural environment either. It probably doesn’t circulate according to the Consensus.

If indeed oil is the blood of the earth, sucking it out of the earth each day to nourish our machines is vampirism; or rather using the blood to animate our contraptions is blood magic. Our whole society, our way of life is based on vampirism and blood magic. Moreover roads made of asphalt are built all over the land. And asphalt is made of oil. It’s as if drawing a bloody pentagram in stereotypical Satanic ritual to sacrifice something or cast a spell. We draw these sigils all over the earth. The earth does not like asphalt. Where-ever there is asphalt the earth tries to destroy it. Leave it there for a year or two and cracks will appear, plants will force themselves through the cracks to reclaim the land. However mankind, serving the oil vampires, destroys the plants and spreads more asphalt on it. Nothing grows on asphalt. Seeds sometimes fall on it and wither.

Hitler wanted to build great motorways all over Europe, even though supposedly the scheme originated before he came to power. They want to build highways all the way from Canada to Mexico through USA (or maybe they’ve done it already). In Who Framed Roger Rabbit? the bad guy judge Doom also wanted to dismantle Toon Town in order to build vast motorways. I rest my case.


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