People are fucking stupid. I hate them. I wish I was my own universe separate from them so I didn’t have any responsibility to them. Le sigh.

Even when I was a kid I cared about nature. I guess mainly because animals were so cute. It angered me that humanity kept annihilating the environment in various ways with little thought about the consequences of their actions. I thought (when I wasn’t absorbed in Amiga 500 games or playing with toys) the human race should be wiped out completely as I saw it was beyond redemption. That was before I heard about any elite agendas for population reduction or had seen 12 Monkeys. In the early nineties people didn’t seem at all concerned about the environment, except maybe their backyard. The media wasn’t promoting environmentalism so people didn’t care. The general public didn’t, of course there was Green Peace and stuff like that back then. Although since I was aware of the evil actions of people, I guess the media gave some attention to the environment.

Nowadays almost everyone is worried about global warming, proudly recycles their waste and companies like add the word “green” to their products or projects to gain more popularity. It’s fashionable to care about the environment. Here in Korea they started using special plastic bags in 1995, that you have to pay for, for different kinds of waste. Burnable waste, recyclable stuff and biowaste. If you don’t use the right kind of bag, and you get caught doing it, you have to pay a fee. Sort of like the putting the wheelie bin out on the wrong day in Britain that David Icke got all excited about. At least, supposedly, the special bag thing here has wielded some positive results. Recycling stuff is certainly better than doing nothing, but how about not creating all this rubbish in the first place? How about changing things so that each individual doesn’t have to create harmful waste every day simply because he has to eat? Has anyone in the main stream thought about that? But of course we can’t do that. The profits of the corporations would suffer. You have to ship apples from Spain to Ireland and from Ireland to Germany because it’s good for the economy. You shouldn’t eat the apples in your own country. Saving the environment is great as long as it doesn’t hurt business. And nobody seems to take notice is these simple issues. That tells me one thing; the people still don’t fucking care!

People pretend to care about the environment because society says we should care, i.e. pay lip service to it. It is very much a religion. Hollow on the inside, but people can do their little rituals to look righteous and holy. Maybe it’s just because I’m lazy, but I don’t see playing around with trash, spending money and manpower on waste processing is such a good idea, since we could spend some time and effort on making sure our society runs without creating so fucking much waste in the first place. All we’d have to do is get rid of the corporations that profit from waste and environmental destruction. However our cultural meme does not say we should do it, so we don’t. The slaves would rather be industrious and clean a mess someone else made instead of making sure the mess didn’t happen in the first place.

People only care about the aspects of environmentalism they’ve been told to be concerned about like cutting rainforests, global warming and recycling. However, if the TV doesn’t tell them to be concerned with fracking or geoengineering, they won’t be.

I said I wanted the human race to become extinct when I was a kid, when I got older I learned there are some redeeming factors to humanity and we could mend our ways. Perhaps I all need to do is define words a bit better. I still want the extinction of humanity. However with humanity I mean this subrace of humanity that could be called Homo Servus (slave) or Homo Congregatio (society). These slaves to society look more like blind ant people than Homo Sapiens to me. They do not look nor experience things on their own, the outer world is invisible for them. All they see are the artificial constructs of society. That is why they care about the environment only when they’re told to do so, that is why they believe in the carbon based global warming hoax, why they cannot see the obvious false flags we are bombarded with, and they accept any injustice the government inflicts upon us as the society says it is good.

This conflict between nature and artificial is the truest manifestation of the abstract concept of good versus evil. Nature simply meaning things that are what they are regardless of our existence and they should be able to be perceived as such. Artificial is artificial, and not necessarily bad in itself, but when you begin to confuse the artificial with the natural is when evil raises its ugly head.


P.S. In Korea there are no thrash cans on the street. It’s difficult to find them in public places. However supposedly they used to have trash cans in the past. A president changed it a few years ago for some reason (I’d wager it benefited a corporation financially to do so). That president is no longer in office, so one might hope they’d reverse the unpopular decision. One can hope, but I doubt it since society…


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