Environmental Newspeak

The way how language is used in environmental movements is misleading, and stupid. “Save the whales!” “Protect the environment!” It makes nature sound like a disabled weak idiot who cannot take care of itself, and the human beings sounds like omnipotent (or at least the most potent force on this planet) heroes or villains. The whales do not need saving, we simply have to stop slaughtering them. Nature does not need our protection, we simply need to cease our various activities of destroying them. The language makes environmentalists sound like action heroes. Bruce Willis parachutes into a burning building through the window and shoots the bad guys, while avoiding the hostages. That’s not how it works. “Saving” or “protecting” the environment is not an action we must take, on the contrary is merely means we must stop countless of our actions that are harmful to nature. The problem is, it doesn’t sound cool and heroic to stop doing something.

The ego needs incentive to start rallying the cause of environmentalism. Fighting the evil corporations is heroic. Corporations are a force to be hated, something to justify your existence, such as in history many other attributes have taken the place of the dreaded other; ranging from heretics and pagans to people of other colour or ideology. In such a juxtaposition of us vs them you never want to eliminate the opponent. You want them to be there to justify your hatred, you want them to live on so you can keep on fighting. You enjoy causing them pain, is they do not exist you cannot do that. Alternatively you enjoy being hurt by them as it makes you feel like a martyr suffering for a cause.

Nature is the most powerful force that every rational human being knows to exist. Concepts like God, fate, destiny may be more powerful, but their existence is disputed by many, whereas nature is not. As it is so powerful, it is more powerful than humanity, in fact we human beings are part of nature, despite many “civilized” notions that we’re not. Therefore it does not need us as a saviour. Nature has created many wonderful creatures, things and systems that we can never compete with. The only thing where we come close to, perhaps even surpass, nature is destruction and disruption of harmony. Nature is very adept at creating harmony, which is something civilized humans have hard time even recognizing. All we need to do is cease our activities of mass destruction and disruption. That is how we “protect” nature.

What this means in practice is finding out the cause for this disruption, such as corporate and governmental greed. Why the corporations and governments keep engaging in their greedy actions of destruction is that the people allow it. Why they allow it because they are apathetic and ignorant. Why they are apathetic and ignorant is that they expect someone else to tell them what to do or how to act, instead finding it out themselves. If you care about nature do not join Greenpeace or any other environmental organization. All they do is make you a foot soldier for amassing monetary and political power. They are part of the problem. Part of the system of disruption. Find out things for yourself, and eventually you will meet people, real people, not tools these organizations with whom you can communicate. Do not demand that the corporations act with a conscience, rather ask why do we need corporations in the first place.


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