Save us from the Curse of Middle-Aged Men

Society is dominated by middle-aged men, not all physically and chronologically middle-aged men, but mentally. They believe in society, the values, beliefs and customs. They understand society isn’t perfect, yet they will do anything to protect it. They care about their family and job, and are generally good at facing problems in their personal lives rationally and practically, be they economic, family or job related, or simply fixing a broken household appliance (although nowadays more and more people only believe they are like this). As they tend to act rationally, fix broken things and gradually improve things to become better, they expect society to work the same way. They project their own beliefs and patterns of behaviour onto other people, and abstract ideas like society, and expect everyone to be the same. They are well-meaning individuals, yet they lack empathy. Most of them are kind, or at least very rarely cruel, still it does not mean they are empathic. They do not understand the behaviour and emotion of others. That makes them dangerous in some ways.

The middle-aged man listens to his superiors, whether they be in the workplace or the government as he expects them to be as rational and well-meaning as he is. He cannot fathom the motivations of a psychopath on the top scheming to exterminate or enslave his family further, nor does he understand artistic and girly behaviour of certain people. The middle-aged man gets an order from the top which seems suspicious, such as carbon tax or building weapons, he might grumble about it, but he does as he is told, since he assumes the one giving the order has a good reason to do so, otherwise he wouldn’t be doing it. After all our society is a just one, and the ones on top are the guiding force in our society. Middle-aged men are effective cogs in a big machine.

These middle-aged men are not necessarily literally middle-aged men. They may be younger or older men, or even women. A couple of years ago I talked with one guy, who was 20-something yet displayed attributed of middle-aged manness. We were discussing about oil companies and the like, how they hold back the development of new energy technologies. Cold fusion came up. I probably said something like we might have eco-friendly cold fusion plants if they were allowed to freely develop it. The guy said that according to his understanding cold fusion is possible, and it’s known but the reason they aren’t implementing it is it’s not economically viable. Too expensive. If it’s practically free energy, shouldn’t it be economically a very good idea in the long run? I guess it didn’t occur to the guy’s middle-aged mind that the whole economic system is fake; manufactured in order to keep such potentially liberating technologies in check, and help the dominating energy industries. He just seemed very complacent in his certainty that it’s not economically a good idea to use cold fusion, even though it works.

These middle-aged men are the epitome of complacency. They believe in their construct of society, this abstract machine that has to keep running, slowly, gradually but it has to keep going forward, it does not occur to them, they might be wrong. Or that perhaps the machine should stop, change direction, do a silly little or something else every now and then. Complacent stubbornness. “We’ve already driven 5km down this road, it must be here.”

It’s very aggravating dealing with these people, and realizing how much harm they are causing while believing they are doing good.


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