Imprisoned by Numbers

Almost our entire life is controlled by time and money, both of which are merely numbers. Every day we have to go to work and spend time to gain money. The majority of jobs seem to have some preset time period we have to be at the workplace even if we aren’t working. Society wants us to waste our time instead of actually do something. There are plenty of jobs where you simply have to get the job done at your own pace rather than sitting 9 to 5 in the office. Yet most assignments have a deadline. We waste our precious time to get money, which is merely numbers. We need money to eat, to have a place to sleep, to have fun, to interact with other people, especially with opposite sex in the form of going on a date.

We are imprisoned by simply the idea that these numbers are important and we have to do our best to hold onto them. And in order to be able to hold onto them we have to follow the rules of society. If we break the rules we are penalized by taking away some of our numbers. You do something wrong and you have to pay a fee. You do something even worse and you have to go to prison to waste a few years doing nothing. However if we are both obedient and smart we can get more numbers than others. We can have free time or lots of money which gives us freedom, we are told. These pursuits have the effect of making us not even want the system, since we just want the reward while avoiding the punishment. We don’t actively do anything to fight against our oppressive governments and corporation since doing so would cost a lot of our time and it would hurt our job, i.e. we wouldn’t get as much money as before.

In the past the control system employed more direct threats, such as violence and death. You either obey the king or you are killed. You obey the church or you burn in hell. Such practices are used today as well, but seems nowadays all they need is numbers to make people obedient.

Time is particularly insidious. Our time is divided into two types: free time and work time. Free time is supposed to be fun, and if we aren’t having fun during free time we are wasting it. Work time is supposed to be boring, but that boredom will earn us money. We tend to avoid using our intelligence too much during fun time, since we need it during work time (at least some jobs), so we associate using our intelligence with work, therefore think it is boring to use it. We also have to sleep, and usually when we sleep we do it during fun time, thus wasting it. Therefore we do not necessarily want to sleep as much as we should so we can be more efficient with fun. This, of course, isn’t very healthy.

Money is an abstract concept. It is simply stupid our society is so obsessed with it. Money isn’t evil, nor do we necessarily have to get rid of it. It is a tool, and in the right hands a tool can be used for good, and in the wrong hands it will be used for evil. However, our society thinks the tool is actually our God. That is silly.

By recognizing our obsession with these numbers we can unslave ourselves from their grasp.


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