Are Past Life experiences downloaded from the Cloud?

There’s a guy, Alan John Miller or AJ, in Australia who claims to be Jesus reborn. He supposedly has memories of the crucifixion. This article, which can be found at the end of this post, says he’s got some followers. While the initial reaction is, naturally, that is he is a fake or crazy, let’s look at it from another angle. What if he’s being honest?

I am not saying he is the Jesus Christ, especially since I doubt he actually ever existed, yet the memories Alan John Miller has might be genuine in some sense. Think about Morphic Fields again or the Akashic Record, or simply some level of consciousness, memory and experience that every human being has some connection to. What if this AJ has merely downloaded or channeled information from this information level into his own mind and interprets it in a certain way based on his cultural programming? Maybe he actually has memories of someone who was crucified by the Romans 2000 years ago, or either he has accessed the information package of the crucifixion of Christ which may or may not ever have existed in history, but certainly has existed in the collective consciousness of countless Christians. Suppose the information he believes to have experienced merely came to his head from the “internet cloud” of consciousness. A popular meme of human consciousness. It’s origin may be an actual event, or merely an idea, something someone invented once, but in the end it doesn’t matter if it’s “real” or not as long as people experience it as real.

I don’t know much about this Alan John Miller guy. I’ve only read a single article about him, but I’ve heard similar stories before. Be it merely past life experiences or something more profound. Some of them are probably fake, but some may be honest, yet misleading in the message as our experiences and interpretations are coloured by the culture we grew up in. It’s been well documented that many people have past life experiences, some of their descriptions have even been found to have been accurate. Yet the idea that one body dies, then the soul is reborn in another may be simplified. The soul and the body are not separate, in my understanding. The past life memories that people have are not then simply memories of a soul, a non-corporeal personality, but perhaps accidentally attached to an information construct that is recycled into usage with a new body. The old memories are a by-product.

The reborn Christ AJ supposedly helps people deal with their emotions and so on. Maybe he actually does some good, and isn’t in it just for the money or the sense of having power over other people. In a sense he might be genuine, even if what he is saying in not technically true.

Still, to me he seems a bit creepy, and I wouldn’t trust him. But maybe it’s just me. Maybe I was Machiavelli or Brutus in my past life and have trouble thinking that somebody doesn’t have a hidden agenda.

The article:


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