Project Blue Beam and the Fake Alien Invasion

The conspiracy theory regarding a fake alien invasion to justify a new “war on terror” against a non-existent alien threat has been around for many years. Both in the form Project Blue Beam (along with faked religious events) and the revelations of Werner Von Braun’s secretary. I believe they have had the plan to commit such an operation, yet as it has been public knowledge in “alternative” media and conspiracy circles for quite some time, it is doubtful they would go on with the operation as it says on the tin.

In recent years there have been more and more UFO sighting reported in main stream media, scientists saying not only that it is likely ET life exists but conjecturing on the nature of such life, and the Catholic church admitting they believe in the existence of aliens. I’d say they are seeding the minds of the public to accept the idea of ET life, and most probably a skewed understanding of it. The Illuminati (or whoever agency you wish to call them) are planning on having some sort of disclosure in the near future. By near future I don’t mean a few months, but a few years. Within 10 years. When that disclosure comes, whether in form of an attack, a peaceful contact with ETs, or a some sort of official admission from earth governments, it’s bound to be fake somehow. A psyop of some sort.

The aliens may be real, but we are told lies about their origin and agenda. The aliens may be completely fake. Perhaps they reveal existence of many races, some of them supposedly good and others bad, while in fact it’s more like the reverse. I don’t know. What I do know they are professional liars so they mix truth with lies, and tell half-truths to lead people onto a wild goose chase. I will be difficult, if not important to tell what is the truth, but we must understand there will be lies.

There is no way to prepare for this. When the disclosure happens, whatever form it will take, will be quite unexpected, as it is with almost all false flags and psyops. All we can do is prepare mentally for the event as it will probably be quite shocking, either as something negative like an attack, or seemingly positive such as a “saviour” race. Don’t buy into it, but pay attention.


One thought on “Project Blue Beam and the Fake Alien Invasion”

  1. They are Demons. They will perform with what must be a somewhat believe able show like the fake utube allien war over the ocean. The Bible says many will fall so watch out for the fake rapture they plan. Jesus does not come until after desolation tribulations Rapture then Wormwood comes back to take out the trash. Wormwood passes six times it is orbiting the sun and Ison which survived is that star. Ill atach photo please zoom in taken last month. I now have come to realise Fatima was a project bluebeam and a lie. This goes into graven image territory with Mary to be placed befor God and with urging for cross and rosery well what does that say. No rosery is mentioned in the bible anywhere. Also the druids carried crosses as the Egyptian so think about it people. They have projected images in Brazil recently of Jesus do not be that lost soul in the fish bowl gaurd Gods gift

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