Why I like Bitching

A lot of my posts consist of bitching about something; be it people, society or life itself. Many might say I have negative attitude, we should focus on the positive, or the solution instead of the problem. All the above criticism is more or less true, yet one cannot come up with a solution unless he knows what the problem is.

When I was younger I used to complain about many things, alas that was usually as far as it went. I was satisfied complaining instead of looking at the cause of the problem to understand the big picture. However I see that as a phase in my personal development, since now I try (usually) to look at the cause. Complaining and bitching is an integral part of making things better. The Angry Videogame Nerd who complains about bad video games, and Harry S. Plinkett of the Red Letter Media who has reviewed bad Star Trek and Star Wars movies are a great inspiration to me.

Many of us recognize it when something is wrong yet we may have a hard time understanding why it is wrong, especially if we are told by others it is good. When I saw the Star Wars prequels I thought they were bad, but I couldn’t rationally ascertain the reason why until I saw the Red Letter Media interviews. Understanding the multifaceted reasons for the suckiness of those movies was liberating. I could finally realize there is indeed something deeply wrong in the movies, and it is not merely that I am “not getting it”. The same thing goes for society. All my life I felt that existence in a Western “free” country is not freedom, yet because everybody said it’s freedom I felt confused. When I learned through various conspiracy theorists how and why we are not free I felt liberated again.

The solution is most important, of course, however the way to the solution is through hours of bitching and identifying the problem. The “love & light” people who don’t wanna look at the negative at all can fuck off.


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