The Solution

I hadn’t written anything in a few weeks because I was traveling in Japan. Now I’m back in Finland, my home and native land. I’ve been feeling quite lazy as of late, but I’ll try to continue writing the blog when I have something to say.

Instead of highlighting the problems we face I’ll give you the solution. It is very simple, yet often not that easy. It is not something you can buy from a supermarket, plug in and gain freedom and enlightenment. The solution requires imagination and courage. That is something which is common for all of us. Details vary. For some it might require great physical effort, mental effort, social effort or all of the above. It might consist of destroying something harmful or creating something new. Most likely we need to let go of our old perceptions, find a new angle and make an effort to make it work for us.

Why is our world so fucked up? Why are there so many problems? Simply. We listen to the wrong people and ideas for what life is. The ruling principles, and the people perpetuating them, are dated at best, idiotically clueless, or simply evil. Most socially and politically powerful people in our world are either psychopaths or working for them out of stupidity. The solution to this is, to stop adhering to their commands. Very simple. Don’t do as they say. They cannot hold your best interest at heart. It matters little whether they do this out of conspiratory malice or stupidity. Existence of evil and idiocy in this world is not a problem. Our compliance with it is.

Once we recognize the advice for life coming from the top; from governments, corporations and churches is wrong, we can feel liberated. I did, when I realized that the way I felt in my heart and knew in my reason was true, that I had a better understanding of what is real than the figments fed to me by society in its many guises. Once you realize that you cannot live your life according to the dictates of any authority save your own heart and conscience, you can start to live life your way. Make your own kind of music, as they say. It does not mean you live with blinders on, ignoring what happens around you, caring only about what you want. It is the authority of society that tells you to ignore that which is real and focus only on certain things. Live your own life according to your rules, but remember others are doing the same.

That is the solution. Unslave yourself from the dictates of the authority you are chained to. Live, explore, invent or destroy your way by finding your own path. What this means within the confines of each individual I cannot say. There is no red pill you can take. No easy solution you can buy or ritual you can repeat at the sake of your consciousness. To live your own life is to be conscious. To live a life as told by another is to be unconscious. Be free or be a slave. Only you can make the decision.



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