What is Jesus?

By Jesus here I do not mean the pseudo-historical or theological character that supposedly existed 2000 years ago in the middle-east. I mean the saviour figure who dies on the tree and comes back to life to redeem us. The esoteric idea behind Jesus. This old archetype is supposedly associated with Osiris, Mithra or even Thor, as well as Jesus.

I grew up hating Christianity but in my mid-twenties I became more accepting of their beliefs. Around that time I also saw Zeitgeist, which has a section on these similarities of Jesus to other, older religious figures. Whereas Zeitgeist tried to lead you to believe the universality of the saviour figure to be proof that Jesus is fake, for me it had the opposite effect. It was the first time I thought perhaps the story of Jesus is more than a fairy tale. It is not just some story made up in the middle-east a short while ago (2000 years is a relatively short time) but something inherent to humanity. An integral story we re-write in our image every now and then.

While I am not certain how universal this saviour figure actually is, as many have disputed these various connections between Jesus and other mythological characters, but I’m fairly certain the story is much older than 2000 years.

According to my understanding Jesus is the ego, or rather some inner function of the individual that the concepts of our culture have no word for and “ego” is the closest equivalent. The ego is supposed to die, but you won’t get rid of it. Only after it has died it ceases to be a pest and can begin to work for the good of others, and oneself. In Matthew 15:21-28 Jesus calls Canaanites dogs and says “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.” In his book Two Babylons the author Hislop commented something along the lines that only after his death and resurrection Jesus became the universal saviour. Before that he only served Israel, or personal gain as the story was written from an Israeli perspective.

The ego serving mentality that still is ruling our civilization has not killed the ego. The Christ is not resurrected, and thus causes suffering by self-centered action. However the other, post-modern, ideology which states the ego is completely harmful denies Jesus completely. Is that Satanic, or is it Satanists who try to hoard Jesus to themselves and disempower others? Ego is our conduit between two worlds, the world of flesh and spirit. Flesh is dumb and immobile without spirit to animate it, yet the spirit is impotent in the physical realm. That is where we need mind which is the state between spirit and flesh. Something the spirit can communicate with, and which can command flesh. Perhaps that is what it means that Jesus is half human, half God. The ego/ mind/ Jesus is an intermediary between two connected yet separate aspects of us.

The lie and the sin the church has committed is teach Jesus is something external from us. A character in the distant past, divine being somewhere out there in heaven, something superior, a crucifix on the wall, an idol to be worshipped. The church has turned an inherent aspect of ourselves into an external idol. It has perverted our selfhood. It has made us sinful by not only teaching us false doctrine on Jesus, but ripping him out of our flesh. By sinful I mean something which is harmful and meaningless, not something that some external patriarch will punish us for. Deliberately shooting yourself in the foot is a sin, as it is harmful to you, and it serves no purpose. The same is true for worshipping Jesus as an external deity.

This is my understanding of Jesus. No doubt it is flawed and limited, but I can say it is my honest assessment that I have reached at this point in time.


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