100 Monkey Syndrome works Both Ways

Alternative and spiritual websites on the internet often refer to the 100 Monkey Syndrome as one way to raise our consciousness and save humanity from its imprisonment.  I agree with that notion also, yet I’d like to point out it works in the other way too, and has done so for Millennia. The “monkeys” have been used to spread all sorts of harmful memes among humanity, such as belief in authority, institutionalized religion and war.

The 100 Monkey Syndrome is the claim that if you teach something new to a certain number (100) of monkeys/ people, others will start to learn it too, even if they do not interact with each other personally. Many effects of the “monkeys” can be seen in the post-9/11 world such as the increase in understanding of conspiracies and spirituality, distrust in political and religious institutions and so on.

Many of these positive, new ways of understanding reality are increasing exponentially. Yet it does not mean that new idiotic, insane or evil ways and ideas could not be spreading as well. Possibly the “sheeple” who are not “waking up” are growing even more stupid and cowardly because of this. They might find new ways of enslaving themselves further, or seeing no possible means of salvation they resort to suicide.

I don’t have any great intuitive wisdom to share about this. I’m merely pointing out this detail that is so obvious it’s easy to disregard.


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