We all need money, we hate it, we are afraid of running out of it, it is the root of all evil, and there are documentaries saying it is debt. But why? It is nothing more than the notion that bunch of arbitrary and abstract numbers have some intrinsic value. Be it the number of coins and bills in your wallet or numbers in your digital bank account. Why is that so important for humanity, and why is it the root of all evil?

What is “value” to begin with? A thing can only hold value when a human being or other living creature feels it is valuable. Your flask of water of is valuable to you in a desert. The pocket watch you got from your grandfather as a kid is valuable to you. My beaten down copy of the RPG book Changeling: The Dreaming is more valuable to me than a brand new one simply because it is mine, and I have plenty of experiences with it. That is what value is. Yet modern society tells us value is something that can be dictated by banks and corporations. “That water flask is only worth 2 bucks, why don’t you exchange it for this iPhone which is worth hundreds of bucks.” The toy phone is much more useful in the desert… This abstract notion that the amount of money a thing costs makes it more valuable is a dangerous delusion which has us chasing crap we don’t need and throw away stuff we do need like water. Water isn’t quite interesting and seemingly not valuable since Earth has plenty of it, yet slowly we’re making it undrinkable and giving control of it to corporations and governments.

However, I can imagine the invention of money being a good idea once. It’s a relatively smart idea for people to trade resources with each other. “I have an assload of potatoes and you have have an assload of fish, so how about I give you one buttock-load of potatoes in exchange for one buttock-load of fish?” Actual valuable stuff have been used as currency in the past such as grain, rice, silk, furs. Since those things can be burdensome to carry around someone thought of the idea to use bits of metal as promissory notes. You get something of real value in exchange for it. Sounds reasonable, yet at some point it went awry. People started placing more worth on the abstract notion of value than the things that are actually valuable. Moreover they started hoarding those abstract units of value simply for the sake of hoarding them, instead of merely having a good supply of goods in case of an emergency. That is probably what is meant by money being the root of all evil; the abstract social notion of money gaining precedence over things of real value such as survival, family, community and happiness.

Money is a tool, which can be useful when used properly and dangerous in the wrong hands. In that sense I would say both extremist views, which say that we should get rid of money entirely and those that think we need money to live, are wrong. Same could be said for clothes. Clothes too are a tool. At least originally I would imagine people started wearing clothes in certain parts of the world to protect themselves from cold climate. It can even make you feel better wearing the kind of clothes you like, yet obsessing over fashion and the opinions of other, and spending lots of time, energy and money on clothes can be nearly as harmful as money.

Some people say that gold is money. I would counter that with the word why? What sense does that make? Gold has been quite worthless throughout most known history, for the masses at least. It’s rare, it shines sort of nicely, does that make it valuable? In the past i hasn’t been very useful. You cannot make tools or weapons out of it, except in modern times. Gold can be used in electronics and stuff. Monoatomic gold is supposedly this mystical wonder medicine, which the best occultists and alchemists of history probably knew about. According to Zecharia Sitchin’s account the Annunaki made people slaves to have them mine gold. If this is true it would make sense then why humanity has been obsessed with gold. To cut to the chase, gold does seem valuable after all, but there is nothing in main stream history that acknowledges this fact, therefore it makes little sense in people to harp on about gold being money unless they know about this “esoteric” stuff. So I wouldn’t say that gold should be money either, unless monoatomic gold is really that wonderful and everyone learns how to use it.

Along the aforementioned things money something else as well. It has been called and energetic construct and a talisman. Pieces of paper are used to enchant us to do all sorts of stuff we wouldn’t do otherwise. Yet I would say that problem does not so much lie in the talisman itself, but our willingness to be caught in its glamour. On an energetic level, I would say money is something that is important to us. Individually we all worry about money, and the whole of society is obsessed with making more money. The solution, I don’t think, is to get rid of the energetic construct itself, but to shift this energy to something else, something benign. In history money was important of course, but not all of humanity was so obsessed with it. Especially since most people produced food or constructed something real, whereas now most of us work to get money. And without money we can do almost nothing. In the past life revolved more around this that are actually useful and valuable instead of this abstract thing called money. So this energy, this notion of what is important and valuable has to be moved on to something we actually do require and desire.

In conclusion, I would say what we need to get rid of is our obsession with money, both hatred of it and dependence on it. In that way we can free ourselves from this prison money has put us in. And we do not have to have the best academics and social scientists ponder over long wooden tables what sort of social system we should have, and whether we should have money or not, and how to manage it. Focus on what we actually do want, and no-one in their right mind would want to keep money or go on a crusade to eradicate all of it, as it is a by-product of the system. A tool we once needed, but now it’s time to move on. It does not mean it will be erased out of existence, but moved to the side.


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