Everybody believes in God in their own Way

Let’s get this out of the way; by God I don’t mean any god in the Judeo-Christian sense, nor the god of any other dogma or artificial construct. By God I mean the underlying principle behind all of existence and the universe however each individual perceives it to be. Be it a force, a consciousness, a presence, a god or the laws of nature. I don’t really like the word God, for several reasons, but I don’t have any better alternative that doesn’t sound pretentious, so I’ll just use the word God.

Everyone innate believes in God, not the human made concept of God, but the actual God, whatever it is. Even atheists (or perhaps I should say especially them). We innately believe there is some order (another word I dislike) behind the universe, and a purpose to life. I generally associate the word “order” with groups such as the Nazis who try to impose that “order” onto others, but here I mean something more like dharma, I presume, even though not being that well versed with Hinduism I cannot say I necessarily understand the word correctly. I’ll describe this “order” as a harmonious innate “law” of the universe that is in effect unless something interferes with it. Interfering with it generally causes needless suffering. Different people perceive this same things in countless different ways. Christians, Muslims and Jews naturally perceive God according to the teaching of their respective religions (the one’s that actually have faith that is, not the nihilists). Hindus perceive God as the countless different manifestations of their pantheon. Buddhists perceive God as the inherent benevolence of the universe that buddhas and bodhisattvas are immersed in. Atheists (which includes buddhists according to some) perceive God based on their understanding, most commonly as the laws of nature or other rationally understandable principles. Shamanistic cultures understand God as the spiritual, organic, animistic whole that exists in nature, which isn’t that different from the Atheist view, except Atheists traditionally don’t believe in anything spiritual.

Most people believe in God, except the nihilists, as Frank’O Collins puts it. Here what is meant by nihilism isn’t necessarily the common dictionary definition of it, rather it means the innate judgement of a person that there is no meaning in the world without humans artificially constructing it and propagating it in society. There is also the hidden sentiment that is this realization is uncomfortable and painful, and therefore the nihilist tries to make all sorts of concepts and excuses to delude himself the concepts he has constructed are naturally occurring and inherent to Creation whereas they are in fact nothing but. This schizoid contradiction of course often leads to complications, needless suffering and often imposing one’s will onto others. Religious dogma is one example. Dogmatic believers do not believe in the actual and natural truth behind their belief system, they want to believe, but understand on a subconscious level that their faith false, therefore they seek to silence opposition, as they fear attack on their dogma. Truth doesn’t need defending, it can stand on its own, and all that.

Christianity has provided countless examples of this dogmatic nihilism, perhaps the most famous being the case of Galileo Galilei. He said the Earth revolves around the sun and not vice versa, which was contrary to church dogma. Therefore he was forced to recant, but at least they didn’t kill him, which I assume is partially that some people understood he was right but they weren’t willing to speak out at the time. While it wasn’t an act of nihilism to disbelieve or perhaps even to feel angry at him. After all of Europe had believed the sun revolves around the Earth, when one guy says it’s the opposite, it’s natural that people do not accept his claims. However, they cross the line from normal disbelief to nihilism when they force him to shut up, as they understand, either consciously or subconsciously, their own constructed beliefs are in jeopardy if the truth of Galileo’s words is allowed to spread.

Nihilism is also quite common in the Atheistic world, although not as common as usually people regard it to be. Richard Dawkins is a prime example of nihilism. He preaches the modern old dogma of materialism and all that, and won’t even look into quantum physics and other “weird” stuff that more or less prove there is more to life than the mechanistic world view tells us. Nihilists live in fear that there is no God, and therefore they try to cover up this belief with repetition of their own constructs, and pretend that man is God, for it frightens them that there might not be a God. Many so called Atheists in fact understand there is a God. They see religion, namely Christianity, for the artificial construct it is and wish to disassociate with it. However intellectually many of them confuse the factual God and spirituality with the nihilist construct, and say there is no God, even if they deep down believe in it.

Nietzsche is often called a nihilist, even though I don’t think he was. In fact, if I remember correctly he himself wrote that he is not. Why he had little faith in the Church and their beliefs is that he saw they were nihilists trying to impose their man made concept as cosmic truth. He was a man of God in his own way.

I may be using various words and concepts here in rather unorthodox ways, but that is simply because the English language, nor the modern intellectual sphere, does not include the concepts I am talking about. I do not know how well I got my message across, but I assure you it is not as complex as it might seem. This is mainly the distinction between the truth and the lie. Reality vs Religious Constructs, as I named them in my book Concordia ab Chao.


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