We know Next to Nothing of ETs and UFOs

UFOs and ETs are fascinating and possibly significant phenomena for understanding what is happening on our planet today, and there is a lot of information on them around, yet it is difficult to say where to look and what to think about them. A very tightly knit package regarding ETs is given to us in the main stream which we are either supposed to accept or reject. It goes something like this: beings from another planet, usually Grays, travel on flying saucers, which we perceive as UFOs, since their true nature eludes us. Those beings sometimes abduct people to experiment on them or dissect animals. The memories of people who experience this are fuzzy and they might have experienced missing time. The aliens are also responsible for crop circles.

When we are presented with all of this information in the main stream, we are usually told to take it or leave. We aren’t encouraged to look at the various phenomenon separately and critically. People see Unidentified Flying Objects all the time, that’s why the term UFO exists in the first place. Some of those phenomenon are no doubt false alarms, whereas others are secret military crafts. A significant minority of UFOs are something mysterious, such as possibly alien crafts or something completely different. ET abductions are a relatively common human experience as well. However I cannot say whether it has any definite connection with the UFO phenomenon or not, as is commonly assumed. Several alien abduction documentaries compare the abduction phenomenon to Sleep Paralysis as a way of trying to debunk it. It resembles something which medical doctors have a word for, it’s not nothing special. Go to sleep. I agree abductions might have connection to Sleep Paralysis, but I’d like to counter it with the question: what is Sleep Paralysis? Maybe it’s not just another “boring” medical condition. Abductions generally don’t seem to happen in our physical plane of existence, but an altered state of consciousness. Also abduction experiences have been shown to bear resemblance over encounters with faeries. Perhaps in this altered state we perceive these beings differently based on our cultural bias.

Cattle mutilation is another mystery associated with UFOs, but is it really? We shouldn’t assume it, since we don’t have any alternative explanation. The same goes for the pyramids. We don’t know who built them and how, since according to main stream history the technology didn’t exist thousands of years ago to build them, we shouldn’t assume aliens did it. It’s possibly, but there are many other possibilities too. What about crop circles then? We’re usually given two options about them: either aliens or hoaxers made them. Some of them are so complex that it’s certainly impossible for a couple of pranksters to make them overnight, yet I wouldn’t assume aliens either. I think Stewart Swerdlow said something like he knows a guy who uses some secret government device, like HAARP or something, to make them. That might be true, but I find it hard to believe they’d go through all that trouble just to fake them. Perhaps some of the crop circles are real. An effort by some form of consciousness to communicate, and the government creates fakes along with the real ones to confuse us. Maybe the circles are messages from the consciousness of the Earth.

UFOs often portray abilities that are impossible according to our understanding of physics. It is often mentioned in main stream sources too, but sort of dismissed another weird quirk of these ETs that may or may not even exist. They don’t seriously tackle the issue that our understanding of physics is wrong, basically. Especially since many of those craft are probably flown by human beings.

What’s the point I’m trying to make here, you might ask. Well, the point is most of us not really having researched these topics in detail, we’ve merely absorbed countless assumptions about the nature, methods and motivations of ETs from the media without consciously looking at them. We might assume the outer space works something like Star Trek. Various races, sort of different, but actually quite similar, interacting in various ways. The fact is, we don’t know. All we have are childish, simplified assumptions that are bound to be wrong. There are some who claim to be experts, who claim to know a lot, who supposedly have had experiences with ETs and UFOs. Some of them probably are reliable, but we cannot begin to separate the wheat from the chaff before we lot go of our assumptions and mental scenarios we’ve learned and start looking at these various phenomena from a fresh perspective.


One thought on “We know Next to Nothing of ETs and UFOs”

  1. The youtube “CE-5” content is no joke. I suggest people make contact themselves and prove some things to the correctly critical mind. Mind blowing yet true. Anyone can do it.

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