Slavery is the True Evil

There is, in one sense, a battle between good and evil going on. The evil manifests as murder, deception, rape, oppression, slavery and other forms of control. While individual acts of murder, deception and rape can be described evil, the greatest evil, the greatest threat to freedom is control. There is a big difference singular acts of evil perpetrated by few individuals every now and then, and a society where you have no freedom to choose between acting morally or immorally.

Should we have even the New World Order with even the best of intentions, such as make impossible individual crimes, the underlying bigger crime is taking the freedom of choice away. It does not matter whether the New World Order is a violent jack-boot in the face of humanity, or a robotically smiling Venus Project city where accidents and acts of violence cannot be done. Whether we are controlled by horror or hollow pleasantry, the end result is the same: slavery. It is only a question of flair. Do you prefer to be pissed off slave or a happy one?

Storm troopers, surveillance and fear, or conditioning, Minority Report -style tought police, microchips, drugs, sex and games. It’s all the same. That, I feel, is the crux of the NWO. They aim to make the world as shitty as possible. Then they offer us a benevolent global robot state, which compared to the violence and injustice we have been subjected to, will seem appealing. No doubt a lot of unconscious people will fall for it. I won’t.

The real New World Order is more Brave New World, than 1984. That is how they are planning to do it. We don’t have to buy it, though. We can make the world we wanna see. Don’t let them dictate the game we play. The game is not a choice between the quantity of evils, but between freedom and slavery. I’d rather give a few thugs the opportunity to try to abuse me or my loved ones, if I have the chance to fight back, than accept armies of brainwashed brutes and MK Ultra sex slaves or a world where we have been bred out of our “primitive” aggressive and sexual yearnings to serve the collective.


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