Spiritual Evolution

Is Spiritual Evolution an illusion? A faulty assumption based on popular contemporary thought coated in Scienticism. I’ll try to explain what I mean by Spiritual Evolution. It does not mean merely the act of getting better in spiritual matters. I certainly regard myself as having “evolved” intellectually, morally and spiritually in the course of my life, except that Evolution is not the correct word here. I’d rather call it me having grown up.


Growing up is a notion as old as man. At first you’re a baby, you grow into a child and eventually you grow up to become an adult. A lot of people used to do it in the ancient days, but not anymore. Now they grow to become teenagers, and sort of get stuck there intellectually, morally and spiritually. They just lose their youth. Growing up is archaic, we’d rather evolve, but since we don’t know how, we’ll let the machines do it for us.


I sort of digressed. Evolution is a concept that emerged in the public sphere in the 19th century, Charles Darwin being the most famous proponent of it, but he wasn’t the first or the last. What it gave us was nasty stuff like Eugenics among others. Also I would say Evolution took the individual responsibility away from growing up. Now we evolve as a species, and I cannot be held responsible for the evolution of an entire species, so it’s not really my responsibility to grow up. Evolution took ideas we already know like things change over time and children inherit attributes from their parents and marketed these old ideas in a new, more generalized way so we’d think it was an original scientific breakthrough and we bought it.


Before someone raises their hand and objects that the Theory of Evolution talks only about the evolution of biological organisms and nothing more. I know that is the case, yet that is not the case. Evolution is, and probably was since the beginning, first and foremost a social ideology. The ideological construct that things (be they ideas, societies, machines, species) evolve from simple to complex can be seen in the attitudes and assumptions of countless people, especially those who deny it is there. If I was really snide about it, and I don’t see why not, I’d say Evolution is merely an excuse to explain anything that happens as Evolution without taking any conscious responsibility. “The British Empire killed unarmed people and enslaved countless races.” “That’s just because they were more evolved. Survival of the fittest and all that, you know.” “Corporations control what we eat and think.” “Yes, that is how our society has evolved.”


Let’s get down to this idea of Spiritual Evolution. There are stories and claims of spiritually “evolved” beings like angels, ascended masters and spirits. Let’s say for the sake of argument that they are real. I have no problem thinking they might be real, but I have no evidence or experience to say they are. Let’s just say they are real. They understand reality from a higher perspective. That is all. It does not necessarily mean they are more evolved. Perhaps an angel was born, if that is the right word, already as an angel. I think that is the case in Judeo-Christian religions. It does not mean it had to go through an arduous process of trial and error over a long period of time to somehow evolve into what it is. Compare a human being and an ant. A human has a higher perspective on life, simply because of his size and his intellectual capacities, even though the ant has his own insight into life in ways that people cannot comprehend. Perhaps that is the case also with these spiritual beings. You are born a certain way, and it is up to you whether you waste that life doing nothing or reach the potential that you have.


The idea of Evolution with different phases is probably, at least partially, a Masonic idea. Freemasons have their degrees, and they have to ascend the pyramid one step at a time, and all that. Sounds sort of like Evolution, where different hominids are depicted evolving gradually into a different species until ultimately reaching homo sapiens. Even if Evolution is Masonic does not mean it is incorrect or evil. It simply means it is a Masonic idea, and since I’m not a Mason, and I shouldn’t accept their beliefs unless research leads me there.


The problem with the concept of Spiritual Evolution is, if we want to become spiritually more aware, which is something we should strive for, is that the idea that we have to evolve might hold us back. If I think it is a long and arduous journey, I will make it just that. When in fact, enlightenment or whatever you want to call it, could come in a moment as you let go of attachments to beliefs. Moreover the idea of Evolution could lead to all sorts of hierarchy. “He is so much more spiritually evolved than me or you, since he’s been writing books for decades. We cannot criticize him.”


The key to waking up from this slumber that all of us are in one degree or another in this Matrix might not be a process at all. It does not require a progression bar to fill up like when a computer is loading a program. Rather it might a story. Our personal story which is supposed to be interesting. One that has moments of discovery and wonder, as well as bits of conflict and desperation. It’s not an interesting story if all we do is walk down the same road and as we reach a milestone we collect one Enlightenment Point. Collect a hundred and you become enlightened.


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