The Eye in the Pyramid

I’ve long wondered what the Eye in the Pyramid, or the All Seeing Eye, notorious for being the symbol of the Illuminati, means. It must mean something since it’s on the US dollar bill, used often on MTV music videos and occasionally in movies. Even if the numerous instances of the symbol on the media and culture is merely there to make fun of conspiracy theorists who try to uncover the trails of the Illuminati, it means something. I doubt it was put on the dollar bill as a mere joke, then again, who knows?

Other instances of the Eye in the Pyramid can be found in the Orthodox church. It is slightly different to the symbol on the dollar bill, but I’d say it is basically the same. According to Klaus Dona a relic which is almost identical to the symbol on the dollar bill was discovered in Ecuador, South America. It’s supposedly several Millennia old thus predating any European influence, if it’s genuine.

So it seems the symbol was used in the ancient world and it is still used, but what does it mean? Perhaps the answer is very simple. The symbol used by the Orthodox church refers to God or the eye of God. The Powers That Be in our world have trademarked the symbol as their own, but it is probably not originally theirs. I’d say the symbol is an archetype for God in the collective unconscious or on a hyperdimensional level, which people unconsciously recognize as such. The nasty Powers That Be tell our subconsciouses that they are God, which either makes people obey them willingly, as can be seen by the countless insanities and atrocities that humanity has been a willing, yet unwitting participant of, or those who see through the lies understand how evil the Illuminati is, yet they still believe the symbol is theirs, and therefore believe the Illuminati is omniscient and omnipotent. Basically the symbol is used for very effective false advertising by the Corporatocracy.

What this God that the symbol actually refers to is, is another story. Let’s just say it is something with power and authority. It may not even have anything corresponding to it in our existential reality, meaning that the symbol is merely a symbol of an idea. As itself it is powerless, but people seem to be very happy to give great amounts of power to various different kinds of symbols. [Add Confucius quote here.]


Klaus Dona pyramid:

Orthodox church All Seeing Eye:


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