Spiritual Laziness

The vast majority of humanity is extremely lazy when it comes to the big questions of life. They rely on “experts” to tell them who they are, where they came from, why they are here and what they should be doing. They have the priest, the scientist, New Age guru or pop star to tell them what is what, because it’s too bothersome for the people to sit down on their asses to figure things out themselves. They can be ever so industrious when it comes to working that tedious 9 to 5 job, slaving at the coal mines or playing the stock market to make another million. Yet when it comes down to the question: ‘why am I doing this?’ most people choose to ignore it or find someone else to fill in the blanks. And, in the immortal words of Harry S. Plinkett, that spells lazy.

Main stream religious institutions are either a joke, or do just the opposite of what they promise, which is something a lot of people have already realized. However, one might think this motivates them to look for answers themselves, either due to mere curiosity or anger for having been lied to, but apparently not. Instead they find the next best thing. Something that looks very different, but is much of the same. There is the religion of Science (notice the capital S, which means it is very loosely related to science). It tells you were a cosmic accident that has evolved into all of this, and the story doesn’t sound too bad actually, until you start to look into it. A bunch of theories, i,e, ideas someone with a fancy academic title came up with, such as Big Bang, life accidentally came forth from non-living matter, and consciousness just happened to happen… erm… let’s not think about that. Consciousness isn’t even located in the brain, which was just sort of assumed to be true for Science knows how long. Then there are people who are put off by traditional religion and the sterile and assumption-based Science, the New Agers.

I personally haven’t had many experiences with New Agers. Mostly what I know about them is from books or the internet, but there was one guy I met during the Occupy protests couple of years ago. Yes, the protests spread even to the Finnish city of Turku. This guy I met there was pretty open about his unorthodox beliefs and it was sort of interesting to talk to him, since Finns tend not to be very talkative and most people I know are quite down to earth. I’m not, I like weird stuff.  Yet couple of things in the New Age guy bothered me a bit. First of all his behaviour seemed quite egotistical, meaning he was flamboyant and wanted to be noticed for his beliefs. Another thing about him, which is most significant relating to the theme of laziness, is that when I told him I study Chinese and Japanese, he said he’d like to do that too, but since we’re all gonna be telepathic in a few years there’s no point in learning new languages. I guess he was referring to the 2012 Mayan prophecy (this was prior to that), ascension to the next dimension or who knows what.

Laziness, I believe, lies in the heart of the New Age movement. They’re always waiting for the next big thing to happen. Ashtar Command to send their ships, ascension, enlightenment or whatever. I sympathize with many of the themes of New Age, I really do. The same as with Science, the ideas seem appealing when you first look at them, but in New Age you quickly find there is no substance behind most of the ideas. They look pretty, but ultimately there is no meaning behind it. Sort of like a music video that pretends it is telling a story, but really is just using scenes that look interesting without connecting them in a meaningful way. Science isn’t as hollow or weak. It can withstand many blows and scrutinies, but when you dip it in water it sinks. I can also sympathize with the desire to find a rational pattern in all of nature that can be understood and passed forward to later generations. Alas, when you actually look into it you find that the cosmos is not a very rational place, at least not in the way that we understand reason. Quantum physics, the nature of consciousness, synchronicity and simply the abstractness and subjectiveness of meaning make that fact fairly clear.

We have all of these excuses for lazy people to not ask the important questions so they can remain the semi-rational automatons they are. There is really no other reason why people hold on to these beliefs implanted onto them by others except laziness. Well, there is fear, but that word is so passé.


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