The Reptilian Consciousness

I saw this article called: “T-Rextasy: Dinosaur-on-Girl romance novels are apparently a ‘thing’ now”. It describes a few books by Christie Sims. Some of the titles are “T-Rex Troubles”, “Mating with the Raptor” and “Ravished by the Triceratops”. All of them seem to portray an erotic relationship between a human female and a dinosaur. There’s also more “normal” stuff called “A Weretiger in Heat”. Also there is computer made CGI porn on the internet with dragons and stuff having sex with girls. So apparently sexual fantasies about reptiles is indeed a ‘thing’ now. Hopefully not a popular thing, though.

Everybody has their perversions, and I’m not one to judge who finds what sexually appealing. Having a liking for girls in bikinis, garter belts or in a playboy bunny costume is a perversion too, even though a more normal one. Personally I find the idea of getting excited sexually about dinosaurs fucking disgusting, but I have no desire to portray any self-righteous indignation because of it. I was excited about dinosaurs too as a kid when Jurassic Park came out, but in a different way.

I’ve remained somewhat agnostic regarding the whole reptilian thing à la David Icke. I’m convinced there is some truth behind these reptilian claims, but too many questions still remain. This reptilian symbolism is spreading further, and I don’t think it’s merely a case of repeaters repeating stuff. I think there is some reptilian consciousness out there that is either trying to manifest on Earth or has been here for a long time is being forced into the open. Or possibly a combination of the two.

On one level, on the conspiracy level, the reptilian consciousness has been there for a long time, and now because of people like David Icke and Stewart Swedlow, is being brought into public consciousness. We have the reptilian brain, which I think was named that way for a reason. There are dragons and reptiles in our ancient myths, but… I think that is all relevant information, yet there is something else there. The reptilian consciousness wants itself made public.

The media has been seeded with countless reptilian hints and allusions for decades. The most obvious being the original sci-fi series V, where evil reptilian aliens mask themselves as humans to fool people. It was made in the eighties, long before Icke got into the reptilian business. There was Jurassic Park and countless other dinosaur shows and movies. Just last year it was reported on main stream media that some scientists postulate that intelligent dinosaurs may live on other planets. The new Avengers movie had interdimensional reptilians invade Earth. Shamans and westerners who take shamanic substances like Ayahuasca speak of reptilian beings that pretend to be our gods or something similar. Possibly even David Icke was used deliberately as a vehicle in making the reptile gnosis public. Why would they want to do that, you might ask.

This is all very much hypothetical of course, but the way I see it is the reptilian energy, or the type of consciousness it is, cannot manifest on Earth as it is. They must first get people to accept their reality on a subconscious level, so we can begin to change the “vibes” on our planet to become more hospitable for them. They are using the Hundred Monkey Syndrome against us in a way. They must change the mental and spiritual frequencies of humanity and the Earth to become suitable for them. I believe Chemtrails are also related to this somehow to shape the Earth on the physical level.

What their ultimate agenda is, what they wanna do here, if the reptilians can get here, I cannot say, except I cannot be anything good. The way the reptilians would manifest here may not mean we’d see reptilian aliens walking about. It might happen only on a spiritual and psychological level. This reptilian porn phenomenon might be a sign they are already manifesting here, and using people as vehicles for their cravings.

It should be obvious, but despite this being nasty stuff (for people who take this stuff seriously) we mustn’t be bogged down by fear. I try to look at this stuff with the curiosity of a child. As a kid I liked stories about invaders from outer space or somewhere out there, even though I knew they were fiction. Now that I’m no longer a kid, and I’m beginning to realize that stuff might be real, does not mean I should paralyzed by fear. I’ll rather be energized by wonder.


By the way I realized this is my 100th post. Yay. Congratulations to me!


The reptile novels:

Do Intelligent Dinosaurs Really Rule Alien Worlds?:


2 thoughts on “The Reptilian Consciousness”

  1. Blaming the Reptile for the Human condition is ridiculous. Yes, Reptiles are powerful and noble warriors of nature, but blaming them for what we do is absurd and typical. The negativity a common human experiences when looking at a Reptiles’ face or especially into their eyes, is only the Humans’ negativity leaching to the surface, the truths humans try to hide under piles of distractions begins to expose itself and humans typically cant stand it.
    Reptiles have been arrogantly looked down upon by us since the beginning of our existence. Religion points its evil finger at them as well, the common use of “cold-blooded,” associated with negative and senseless human acts, in today’s vocabulary is proof of that… even though they won’t kill unless threatened or hungry, like any predator, and there are plenty of herbivorous reptiles that exist and insect eaters as well.
    As far as their abilities, they are endless in this reality, so anything that you can possibly think of is not in the realms of impossibility for them. this talk of, “soul harvesting,” I would like to meet the one who originally started this knowledge. Reptiles who remove a soul will never occupy the body, this is a technique used by only the most capable of reptiles and they use it to “fix” “broken” souls.
    If i were to name it, it wouldn’t be “soul harvesting.” I would call it something like, forced ascension. It’s when the soul is sent elsewhere to experience a ringer of life lessons in a very short amount of time and yes death is always inevitable. This happening is actually commonly, in non-humans, a naturally occurring process. Humans have blocked themselves from this process, making an outer force intervene. This is the Human technique, to go so dangerously far into the darkness, that eventually they are shot up and beyond the common natural standpoint that they would’ve been at otherwise.
    To put it in symbolism, we are the child who was born partially blind like everyone else, but instead of working with itself to gradually improve its’ vision, it chooses to close its’ eyes and lay dormant the important tool that is needed to continue forth in life. Gradually, instead of building its’ vision, it begins to lose more of it. As it suffers, it knowingly continues this action to send an active message to its’ older brother who is wise and has spectacular eyes with unquestionable skill in their use. A message requesting assistance, even though the child will not even attempt to build its’ vision alone. Its’ big brother refused to help so long as the child had an open path back to the light, should there be none, he would be forced to intervene.
    Waiting for the turning point virtually guarantees the success in removing the entire human populace, and thus, paradise for all creatures will begin a new era on earth bringing about new species and new light of all varieties. The savior species, hand picked by nature to do this, will more than likely be some form of reptile. Therefore, the reptile will save humanity by forcing our closed eyes open many times wider than they have ever been. It isn’t their fault, we asked for it and they are noble enough to accept our request at the cost of their own existence in this universe (as individuals), even though our existence already burdens them with more pain than one could ever imagine.
    Hurting ourselves hurts everything around us and therefore action must be taken. A synergy must be established for the human race (as a species) and over a great time, Human bodies in the future in this universe will receive brighter souls from the vast amounts swimming everywhere to search for their purpose. Or the help doesn’t work and the humans in this universe will transition to a truly negative existence on a different plain, which is the high risk involved, as well as other individual risks, in our species taking the disgusting path we see before us. The view of heaven and hell in religion is portrayed as symbolism because of these two potential outcomes.
    I’m confident the Reptile will heal us. Their gain in life will become ours as we desired from the very beginning. Burdening the Reptile with this responsibility is not my way of life, but yet here I am, so maybe I am wrong. Maybe I too (consciously as well as subconsciously) desire only the reptiles’ hand in helping me back on my feet.
    “I want to be just like my big brother when I grow up!”

    “Angels fly down from the reddened sky to save humanity…”
    Is it wrong to want help, even though you don’t need it? Is it wrong to force a respectable and highly capable species into ignoring its’ own experience to help ours, even though we could have easily of helped ourselves? Only our futures will lay the timeline that defines the answers to those and many other questions. Will the planet engulf itself in the chaos that is humanity, or will the planet chose to take antibiotics for the parasitic infection that has enveloped the surface as well as its’ inner self? We may find out in our lifetime.
    The negativity we cause does not just fizzle away along with the lifeless bodies of our victims. It builds until a pinnacle is reached, what happens then is the million dollar question.
    A post from me on — — username is positiveevitisop
    Also, the whole reptile attraction thing is humans expressing their choice of what they want closest to them. That attraction symbolizes how they actually feel but the choice of expression show what they think is best about them. Example: some people love the wrong people for the right reasons and some love the right people for the wrong reasons. Some love the right because of the right and some love the wrong because of the wrong. It’s disgusting because that’s what humans are, to mix human filth with royal reptile blood would be a crime against nature, though i’m sure I’m the only pickle in the pickle jar who thinks that’s the reason for why human attraction towards reptiles is so terribly repulsive.

  2. Call them jinn, call them Kingdom of Shadows, serpent-headed beings.. All scriptures have referred to them:

    Emerald Tablets said they can only take on human flesh when the “blood was offered”, meaning the satanic human sacrifices for sun. They may also be the same thing as “fallen angels” mentioned in book of Enoch.

    Quran says they were made from the sun “smokeless flame”. hence all this heliocentric sun worship, Sunday, solar calendar, and reptilian evolution lies. Note that reptiles can only survive with the heat of sun, since they are cold-blooded. Reptilian worshippers are forcing their beliefs on us. Guess where the Mayans were feeding humans to? Look at their depictions..

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