Occult Themes in Popular Fiction

In recent years many supernatural things in movies and books have gotten very popular. Supernatural stuff such as magic, vampires and other occult concepts. We have Harry Potter, Twilight, Underworld with Kate Beckinsale’s latex outfit and countless other vampire stories. We’ve had similar themes and creatures before in horror movies in the past, but the difference is the monsters used to be bad guys, nowadays they are protagonists. Some people in the conspiracy and alternative movement, as well as traditional Christians, have commented how it is evil that they introduce the young people into the occult or make magic sound desirable.

I disagree with their reasoning, although I am disgusted by many of these pop-occult (poppult?) pieces of entertainment. I do it for artistic reasons, not moral reasons. I would be happy if young people looked more into the occult to gain real understanding of things. No-more are we chained to the church that threatens to burn you if you are interested in the occult, also we are shaking loose of the materialist sentiment that there is nothing occult out there (or in here). It is only natural to be interested in mysterious and hidden things, the problem is people get their fix from superficial pseudo-occult entertainment instead of exploring the real thing. Occult merely means hidden. If something is hidden, we can extrapolate that there is something there, a truth, a hidden truth. Therefore search for the occult is search for hidden truths. I see nothing negative in that. As Jesus said: the truth shall set you free.

Vampires can be considered occult, since they are supernatural creatures and tend to hide, often in plain sight in modern stories. I think it is safe to say vampires exist in some sense, not necessarily literally, but symbolically. Vampires are parasites and our society is very parasitic. While traditional parasites are ugly pests, modern vampires are sexy. It is cool being a sexy parasite compared to an ugly and weak victim. The British royal family is related to Vlad Tepes, Dracula, they have proudly admitted it. Who’d be more parasitic than them anyway? They even used to drink human blood (perhaps not just used to). If the reptilian stuff is real, it would make the reality of vampires more literal.

Magic in popular fiction is depicted as Harry Potter spouting his pseudo-latin incantations and things happen, or wizards launching fireballs from their fingertips in World of Warcraft. That is not real magic. What it actually I cannot really say, but my understanding, or the perception of those who believed in magic in the old days, is the ability to use one’s consciousness or will to shape reality. Whatever that is achieved by using “supernatural” means, technology or psychology is irrelevant. Nevertheless, it is safe to say many of these popular fictions that deal with magic have little to do with the real thing, unless you’re talking about movie magic. While the magic depicted in Harry Potter is childish the movies and books have certainly enchanted countless people world-wide.

In conclusion it is the superficiality of these seemingly occult stories that we are being fed, that is the problem with them. It makes the viewer think the occult is nothing but this superficial fiction, a quick fix of entertainment to distract you from the routine. But the occult refers to a hidden truth that you won’t find in the crap the advertisers force feed you where-ever you go.


Link: British royalty dined on human flesh (but don’t worry it was 300 years ago) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1389142/British-royalty-dined-human-flesh-dont-worry-300-years-ago.html


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