Should we care what Russell Brand does?

Recently, especially due to his vocal support of socialism, Russell Brand has became a topic of discussion. He’s an actor and a comedian who he’s been all over the media lately, both main stream and alternative. He says a lot of things that sound good, but so far I haven’t heard much a substance from him, nor many original ideas.

I wouldn’t even know who Russell Brand is if it wasn’t for David Icke’s website. For some reason Brand has caught Icke’s attention as well. Every two weeks or so Icke’s website posts some video with Brand in it. Icke even was a guest on Brand’s TV show a few months ago, although I think Icke commented it was the usual main stream media crap. However, I think Icke has said Brand will be on his new People’s Voice channel doing a show or something. So why does Icke care so much about Russell Brand?

Brand seems like a jester to me. He can say things that normal people cannot say without being punished by the king, meaning he can question the norms of society in a more direct way than most people, and a lot of people may agree with him a bit, but Brand does it in a way that most people ultimately won’t take him seriously. Surely we have lots of people who question society’s norms in a more serious and purposeful way, such as David Icke. Although I guess the main stream world takes Brand more seriously than Icke.

This affair reminds me of the Charlie Veitch thing. He was, or is (I’ve no idea what he does now and I don’t care), a “truther” who was part of the Love Police. He used to go in public with a megaphone to encourage them to think about things in a new way or something. Until one day he went to New York and was “convinced” by specialists to believe in the official 9/11 conspiracy theory. This caused great uproar in the conspiracy community for a few weeks when it happened and so on. Anyways, I’m convinced Veitch was an enemy operative from the get go, or he was bribed/ threatened to sell out. I don’t buy the idea he simply had a “change of heart”. What does Charlie Veitch have to do with Russell Brand then? He is another relatively young guy whose existence I probably wouldn’t even know about if it wasn’t for David Icke.

I didn’t think what Veitch was doing before was particularly interesting or useful, but since it seemed Icke was promoting him I thought he must be OK. But now Icke is promoting Russell Brand and I don’t think Brand is OK. I guess I like Brand’s style more than Veitch, but that’s mostly what it is in my opinion, a style. It’s not about substance. He’s an actor, his act is supposed to look good. That’s all. Why I think Icke was promoting Veitch, and why he’s promoting Brand is, Icke is getting older. He wants to find a “spiritual successor” to himself. Someone who shares Icke’s values and fearlessly promotes them. This I think applies both to Veitch and Brand, except they believe in it only on the surface. However both of them were/are promoting values similar to Icke, and they do it in a fairly in-your-face kind of way. With their heart on the sleeve as it were. Icke probably interprets this as them being fearless, but I see it another way. I’ve been playing roleplaying games (tabletop and live action when I was younger) for a long time, which is acting of sorts. Sometimes the character I play acts fearless and wannabe charismatic the same as Veitch and Brand. Acting such a fearless way does not mean you are genuine, quite the opposite. It’s all about selling a product of a dashing and self-confident guy. If you are genuine, you occasionally have to doubt yourself to make sure you are doing the right thing. But if you’re not genuine, it’s important you don’t express doubt to give the appearance of being genuine. Your aura of false righteousness deflects all skepticism away.

Whereas I’m pretty sure Veitch was cointelpro or something like that, I don’t know if Brand is. He may not be there necessarily to mislead you in his own mind. He could be merely an actor who is there for fame and fortune. He recognizes that acting as a semi-truther, semi-spiritual, and semi-funny guy will get him attention and lead to fame and fortune, so he does it simply because that is what society teaches us we should do.

When I say Icke is promoting Russell Brand I don’t mean Icke is his PR guy or anything, but I wouldn’t even know who Brand is if it wasn’t for Icke. Icke posts Brand videos on his site relatively often (today as well). Based on that Icke wants his readers to be aware of who Brand is, and if Brand will appear on Icke’s People’s Voice channel, I guess it means Icke has a positive view of him. I don’t think Icke has commented on Brand’s pro-socialist interview either, not that Icke has to comment on everything Brand does, but I just don’t get why Icke cares what Brand does anyways. Presumably Icke and Brand have discussed matters in private when they have met and Icke deemed Brand to be a “good guy”, but I’m not convinced. He seems like a celebrity who wants attention at best.


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