Is Worship the root of all Evil?

I read or heard years ago someone commenting on how it’s funny that even though Monty Python broke every convention of comedy and storytelling the fans of Monty Python repeated the lines of Monty Python sketches slavishly and berated others for making mistakes. (Something along those lines, I certainly don’t remember the quote, just the idea behind it.) Back then I didn’t quite understand the meaning, probably since I was one of those repeater fans. Now I understand that that sort of behaviour is worship, which in my assessment, is a form of mental and spiritual sickness.

Monty Python’s Flying Circus was a British comedy TV show in the sixties and seventies. They also made a few movies afterwards as well. Their humour was quite insane and ingenious. The show started with the phrase “And now for something completely different”, and in those simple and innocent days it was certainly true. Nowadays Monty Python has a cult following, which was joked about in another British comedy show Not the Nine O’Clock News (which was made back in the 80s).

Worship is, in effect, a parasitic act. It can work in two ways. One: the weak would-be worshipers recognize something as being strong, true, profound, holy or somehow desirable. The worshipers realize they themselves are unable to arise to that level of excellence, but they want to bathe in the glory of the object of their worship so they flatter, prostitute, prostrate themselves in an effort to gain the attention of the object of worship in hopes of profiting from it somehow. Two: someone of weak character, yet strong persuasion skills makes himself seem strong, true, profound, holy or somehow desirable to attract worshipers. The worshipers are deluded into thinking the object of their worship is worth it.

In type one energy flows from the object to the worshipers. In type two energy flows from the worshipers to the object. Both acts are parasitic.

Let’s have a few examples. Type one: a holy prophet such as Jesus or Buddha comes to town sharing wisdom and spiritual insights. People recognize the truth behind their words, but are not strong enough to actually heed their words in practice, so instead they start worshiping the prophet. Eventually this leads to even persecuting those who do not profess to follow the teachings of the prophet, and committing acts of violence on the infidels, despite the very clear condemnation of violence by the object of their worship. An abstract image based on the true living prophet is crystallized into a robotic religion of bigotry in the minds of the worshipers who lack the intellectual, moral and spiritual capacity to grasp the meaning within the words of the prophet, they merely see the power within them, and the worshipers covet it.

Type two: a person such Jesus or Buddha comes to town masquerading as a holy prophet, seemingly sharing wisdom and spiritual insights. Alternatively, someone spreads fake scripture claiming a made-up prophet had taught these insights somewhere else. The ordinary people feeling powerless and clueless about many things in life hear the false prophet, and cannot quite verify whether his words are true or not, but his demeanor is certainly very self-confident, and also he makes it seem as if not believing him means you are simply too dumb to understand the wisdom of his words. Therefore the people start worshiping the false prophet.

As was already mentioned in the beginning of this post, worship is not limited to religious and spiritual affairs. Famous rock stars are worshiped as well. Both type of worship can apply. Some people are truly talented, and acquire groupies to suck energy from them, and suck them off, such as Jimi Hendrix (or so I hear). Others are not talented, but they have talented and powerful media machines behind them confuse people that loud noises and blinking lights equal talent to entice lots of groupies, such as Kanye West. John Lennon was most certainly an object of worship as well. Obama is another false prophet. Conspiracy researches also fall into both categories. Some are worshiped by lesser people, and others are hacks that want to be worshiped.

I should point out that there is a big difference between worshiping someone, and recognizing someone’s work, being supportive of it and trying learn from it and promote it in a mature way.

The Bible says that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. (Apparently it does not say “root of ALL evil” as is usually quoted.) It does not say money is evil. Money is a tool that can by used for good, evil and just silly stuff. However when you start to fall in love with it, worship it you start doing evil stuff by believing an insane fairy tale that money has any intrinsic value. Likewise, being obsessive of one’s dislike of something fairly neutral such as money is a kind of reverse worship. Call it scorn, condemnation, denunciation or something else, doesn’t really matter. There is a thin line between love and hate, and so is between affectionate obsession and hateful obsession. If you are in a state of reverse worship, you recognize to see any positive sides in the object of your ire, and seek only to harm and destroy it. Or even things you perceive to be related to it.

I hate Harry Potter. I just don’t like it, but I don’t want it banned or anything like that such as some religious people do, because of the “witchcraft” in Harry Potter. I can understand that religious people consider witchcraft evil, because their scriptures say that but Harry Potter hardly deals with actual witchcraft. It might be harmful for children in some other ways though. The hateful obsession, or reverse worship, works in other ways too. Things such as pedophilia should be condemned, however if you become too obsessed with the notion, you might throw your righteous condemnation toward targets that are not pedophilia nor don’t promote it, but you only perceive them to do, because you want to see the object of your hatred everywhere to justify the hate you feel. Many “conspiracy theorists” have a love-hate relationship with the Illuminati, they worship it in one sense and scorn it in another. It is perceived as all powerful, and utterly evil, something to be resisted and exposed, yet the effort is seen as futile because of the power of the Illuminati. Don’t get me wrong, it is important for each individual to ask themselves what the Illuminati is (whether or not it actually exists as a group, it certainly exists as a social construct), what can actually be known about it, how is it connected to the conspiracies we can clearly verify to exist and so on, but the Illuminati is not all powerful.

So in conclusion, be careful what you love/hate so you won’t become a worshiper. Worshiping is bad, ‘mmkay.

Link: Not the Nine O’Clock News – Monty Pythons worshipers


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