UFOs, Blue Demons and Technological Portals

I don’t know where to begin, except by saying this is stuff I’m going to say is very experimental and relies on the power on my imagination more than actual facts. However, I do intuitively feel that I should share this information nonetheless. So take it as the ramblings of my hyperactive imagination or intuitive glimpses into the truth behind our reality. Whichever suits you best.

In recent weeks I’ve wondered both about the nature of UFOs and ETs, and the nature of demons. At first as two separate affairs. Now I’m leaning toward the conclusion that they are related. Let’s get my previous perceptions out in the open at first. I’ve seen the scenario that some UFOs are ET spacecraft and others are secret government craft as the most likely story, and that there is intelligent life out there on distant planets and that some of them have visited Earth, and possibly do so today as well. That is not a very extraordinary viewpoint in our world. I’ve spoken of demons before as well. While they may be non-physical entities inhabiting other dimensions and somehow with black magic or whatever possessing people, however I have no proof about that one way or another, so I cannot comment on that. However, I perceive demons as many of these social constructs and institutions that enslave people, such as corporations and governments. These institutions are non-existent, artificial entities yet they are able to wield great influence on Earth. That sounds demonic to me. I’ve maintained that the demons exist as some sort of mental aberrations in the minds of people “possessed” by the people who serve them. I’ve seen demons foremost as a psychological malady. This manifestation of demons may or may not have deeper metaphysical and spiritual repercussions.

As I said I’ve wondered about UFOs and demons. Not really done research actively per se, but they’ve been occupying my mind as I’ve been walking and doing other stuff. I’d say my intuition and subconsciousness have wanted me to explore the issue, even though my reason says there is not much else I really can know about them, as both phenomena are out of my reach. Yet just within the last week or so I’ve been lead synchronistically and intuitively (I apologize for overusing the word “intuition”, either it is due to me trying to convince my imagination is really intuition, or it is actually my intuition) to see the issue from a new angle which is that ETs and UFOs are probably demons.

The notion that UFOs and what victims of abduction experiences perceive as aliens are not actually extraterrestrial beings, but terrestrial or inter-dimensional demons is not new. It has been mostly been supported by Christian UFO researches, and I used to think they believe it is only because their religious dogma does not allow them to acknowledge the possibility that intelligent life exists on other planets. Partially that is probably true, but there is more behind this hypothesis. The connection between so-called ET abductions and stories of fairies has been noted by many researchers as well. Many UFOs behave in distinctly non-physical ways, which does not necessarily mean they are non-physical entities, however dismissing the possibility that they are spiritual entities by saying they are merely using so advanced technology we don’t understand it, is not productive either.

Based on conventional, materialistic understanding of the universe, it would make sense since there are countless galaxies with countless star systems with countess planets out there, there should be life there too somewhere, as life is so abundant on Earth. Yet throughout all these years no evidence of life outside this solar system has been found. Why? Even though scientists have (probably) only charted a small percentage of the planets out there, it’s still a fairly big number. You’d think they’ve found something, be a planet with a society, some sort of signal or space junk from a space craft. But no such thing. You can say there’s been a cover-up, and it’s possible, but I’m not convinced. I’ll rather think our understanding of the cosmos in completely wrong if we assume biological lifeforms have evolved, or could evolve on other planets. Perhaps the Earth is the center of the universe when it comes to material creatures such as ourselves.

One influence on this hypothetical path on UFOs and demons I am setting on is Freeman of FreemanTV whose lecture Aliens from Hell asks if aliens are in fact demons. Freeman mentions in his lecture a plan to transmit demons through TV and technological devices into people to possess them. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it, but I’m beginning to think it is true. That it has happened or is happening now.

The words from a Björk song called Modern Things have been circulating in my head recently:

“All the modern things
Like cars and such
Have always existed
They’ve just been waiting in a mountain
For the right moment
Listening to the irritating noises
Of dinosaurs and people
Dabbling outside

All the modern things
Have always existed
They’ve just been waiting
To come out
And multiply
And take over
It’s their turn now…”

Makes me think of the famous plaque from the temple in Abydos with pictures of a helicopter and other modern and futuristic looking craft.

Is technology itself demonic, or perhaps merely the type of technology we use? It has given us many new possibilities and abilities, but we are also emotionally attached to it. Take the internet for example, and computers. They have allowed the so-called Truth Movement and many other genuine alternative notions to flourish. In other words, computers and internet have done a lot of good. But it comes with a price. We’re emotionally attached to our computers. Many of us, especially if we live alone spend more time with a computer than with real live people. Even if much of the time we spend on the internet consists of communicating with other people, it’s still not the same as real human contact. We have this technological mediator between us. Our relationship with technology is the age-old demonic pact where we get forbidden knowledge and magical powers in exchange for our souls.

Are then our computers, smart phones and LCD TVs portals for demons to enter our lives? Perhaps the devices are demons themselves? I cannot say for sure, but I think there is something demonic in these devices that have taken silence and solitude from our lives. Myself, and a loooot of other people, do not spend that much time alone anymore, even when we are alone. Often we have the computer on, even if we’re not actively using it, it’s there, snorting in the background. I don’t watch TV anymore, but when I used to I often had it on just for the background noise. Also because of cell phones, we are never free to be by ourselves. If the phone feels it wants to bother you, it can possess one of its human slaves to give you a call or send a message.

Another thing I’ve wondered for a long time are the various blue things we have. There’s Blu-ray, Bluetooth, Blue Brain Project that is trying to model human brain on a computer, there’s Project Blue Beam that is supposed to deceive you with a fake alien invasion and fake religious signs, Project Blue Book was the US airforce investigation into UFO phenomena. There’s probably other stuff I cannot think of right now. I used to think the Blue refers to technology reverse-engineered from aliens or something like that, but maybe it means demonic technology. Technology that somehow aids the demonic presence on this planet to grow stronger. I’d add Wifi to that too although it’s not Blue

I did a little bit of googling for demons and blue and found some stuff. This is purely anecdotal evidence, I know. I’m not saying the colour blue is evil, but in some sense it might have symbolical connection to demons or evil spirits. Here’s one quote about the Djinn. The Djinn are thought to exist by some and connect them to the Archons or reptilians. Also in Christian lore King Solomon could control demons and make them work for him. In Islamic lore those demons are actually Djinn, so there is a connection between demons and Djinn:

“The marid is unruly and rebellious, and the most powerful of djinn. The marida (plural) possess great knowledge of magic and have assisted kings and priests. They are also known as “blue” djinn and are the ones most often associated with wish-granting genies.”

Here’s one excerpt from Greek mythology. Not necessarily significant, but I find the connection to vultures interesting. Could it refer somehow to Cygnus?:

“EURYNOMOS (or Eurynomus) was the netherworld Daimon (spirit) of rotting corpses, who stripped the flesh from the bones of the dead. He was probably connected with with the creatures which fed on corpses such as flies, maggots and vultures. Eurynomos was depicted with black-blue skin and wearing a vulture’s-hide cloak.”

I also found some forum entry called: “The Blue Demons in the Etruscan Underworld”. The Blue Meanies in The Beatles movie Yellow Submarine are unsurprisingly blue. And so on.

I think I’ve rambled enough. Take what you will of this. I at least feel better after getting this out of my system. I should note I’m not writing this out of fear, rather our of exhilaration and a sense of wonder and mystery. The social matrix we live in is saturated by evil. This should be obvious to everyone by now. Trying to ascertain why the matrix exists and who actually put it there is a step forward in unraveling the net we are caught in. I’m not suggesting bashing all your technological devices with a hammer or regarding them with fear, that there is a demon lurking in your machine. You should instead have fun with the idea. Play with it.

Links: Björk – Modern Things http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_u559Gx7BM

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The Blue Demons in the Etruscan Underworld: http://www.ancientworlds.net/aw/Post/1246411


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