Magic Sigils, Circuit Boards and Cities

I’m continuing with my crazy esoteric insights. Last time I was on an aeroplane, this summer, I thought cities viewed from above look like circuit boards. Then I looked at the ground and didn’t think they actually look like that. The idea popped into my head back then, but I didn’t really believe it. Couple of days ago, the same day I wrote the post about demonic technology I got thinking about circuit boards again, and that they sort of look like magical sigils. I also remembered the thought I had on the aeroplane.

piirilevy1 piirilevy2

Here’s a couple of circuit boards.


These are voodoo Vévés, i.e. magic sigils used in voodoo to contact spirits.


Magic sigils.

I think there’s slight resemblance between the sigils and circuit board, even though it is not an obvious one. Their function might be similar in the end.

CityDay CityNight

Cities too aren’t that dissimilar.


This circuit board look like a city map, or perhaps a park map, to me.

Enough with visual inspection. Let’s delve into the realm of function. The function of cities and circuit boards is to direct energy in a certain way to lead to desired results. Same probably applies to magic sigils as well, but understanding of magic is not that good. The same goes for my understanding of electronics too, but bear with me. Cities have nodes, such as offices and factories, where energy is directed to. This energy is in the form of electricity, resources and people. The ones controlling these nodes want the nodes to produce the goods, be they material goods, or intellectual or social goods. Roads are used to direct energy in a certain way. Circuit boards too have “roads” in the form of circuits. They direct the electric current, i.e. energy in a certain way to produce certain results. Therefore they are inserted into electronic devices to guide them function in the desired way.

I found this explanation on magical sigils:

“Sigils are monograms of thought, for the government of energy … a mathematical means of symbolising desire and giving it form that has the virtue of preventing any thought and association on that particular desire (at the magical time), escaping the detection of the Ego, so that it does not restrain or attach such desire to its own transitory images, memories and worries, but allows it free passage to the sub-consciousness.”

–A.O.Spare, “The Book Of Pleasure”

“Monograms of thought, for the government of energy”. Their function does not sound to differ too much from cities and circuit boards. All three are used to direct, or govern, energy. That is a very distinct difference between primitive villages and cities. Villages, at least in the past, served as home for human beings. Usually close to the homes were means to harvest food. The difference with cities is they are built to benefit the elite, be they royalty, democratically selected royalty or “scientifically” selected technocrats. We have the ancient saying: “All roads lead to Rome”, meaning all energy is directed to the capital of the empire. The same applies for all empires in history.

Roads are used for the transportation of human energy for the benefit of the elite. You may argue how roads are used for many positive things too, but the fact is every day all over the world countless people have to wake up tired early in the morning, and use a road to go to a workplace they are not too keen on. The roads and methods of transport differ from cars, buses and metro to bicycles. The purpose, however, is the transportation of people to use them as energy for a “greater” entity.

Some cities are built as magical sigils as well; for example the street plans of Washington DC and Paris have all sorts of Masonic iconography integrated into them. The function probably is to make the energy, especially in the form of people, to circulate in a certain way. Geomancy and feng shui are probably based on same principles of using the environment to manipulate energy. However, in those cases ambient energy is used.

I’m not saying these connections I make here are necessarily true, but an interesting thought at least. Something worth considering. Food for thought, as they say.


Voodoo veve:

Magical sigils:


10 thoughts on “Magic Sigils, Circuit Boards and Cities”

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  2. I’ve had exactly the same thought about the layout of modern cities. Especially given how noticeable the impact on ones mood and mental state is when entering a city from a rural environment.

    1. I do not doubt this. Have seen it in other articles. However, I was very impressed with the notation of “Re entering the City, from a Rural environment”. We experienced this years ago in the 90″s, when looking for a different life for our kids in the Country of Ocala< Florida. Upon entering back to Miami, the feeling was awful, spiritually heavy. The difference was very obvious.

  3. I was looking thru the Arbatel []
    and was thinking that the different sigils each portrayed different parts [resistors, capacitors, etc] that make up circuit boards especially when they give otherwise inexplicable numerical values to the different names and aspects. Maybe those are voltage or amps or ohms. Then you could interlink the sigils/components in the needed sequence to achieve the desired effect.

    1. It would be interesting if someone with actual understanding of electronics, like how circuit boards and the different components work, compared circuit boards with magical sigils to see if there are similarities in their function. Unfortunately I have only a very basic understanding of circuit boards.

  4. So this has been an area of great interest to me for the last year or so. I had a thought after only a few min of reading into your page. If the demon seals were to be recreated as a computer circuit board, and made to interface with an android or autonomous machine… I’m just guessing of course, but with the correct energy from the electromagnet spectrum, vibrational frequency, someone could summon the demon to the automaton. Maybe the person in charge of the so call project try’s to pass the demon’s intelligence off as A.I…. This is Just a thought but from this article, what I’ve learned about the electromagnet spectrum, and the direction A.I. is going, This seems like a good possibility.

    1. After thought. Google search the “magical transistor” in relation to alchemy and trans humanism. Some information for thought.

  5. Sorry, last thought. Modern cities are gigantic circuits, with all the natural gas piping connected to the smart meters, and the whole electrical grid from residential housing,(110-220 volts) to street lights and industrial complexes (mixed voltages 110-220 volts 277-480 volts, 208 volts stinger leg, single and three phase wired circuits) and all the devices attached at the end user, add the frequencies produced from the smart meters and that’s exactly what a city is. With the human body and our contentiousness being of the electromagnetic spectrum, we are apart of the circuit as well. Not sure what part we play in the circuit yet but I’d love to hear others thoughts. I wont post any more thought right now. Thanks in advance for your time and thoughts.

    1. I wrote this article years ago, but I can’t say I’ve accrued a great deal new insight on the matter since then. I’ve seen the topic of AI being related to demons discussed here and there, and it sounds reasonable to me. Transhumanism, despite having the veneer of being based in science and futurism, is probably more ancient and demonic in nature. However, what I find frustrating in discussing about demons and other non-corporeal spirits is that there is no concrete way for regular people like me to verify that they actually do exist, or if they do what are they. Ultimately I can only speculate. Maybe demons are just creations of the human mind.

      Regarding cities being circuits or magical sigils. I think humans provide energy for the contraption, both in the sense that people do actual physical work to perpetuate cities, and they give their mental energies for the system. I suppose we’re all slaves or batteries for Molech/the machine in some sense.

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