ISON survived Authoritarian Propaganda

According to NASA comet ISON “fizzled” yesterday. I was saddened when I heard the news. Then I went to Youtube and noticed countless videos saying it survived. Even the mainstream media seems to be admitting it’s still there. The SOHO website says: “Comet ISON: Faded Glory”. The comet looks a bit faded from it’s encounter with the sun in the GIF animations, true, but it’s still flying up there. What is up with these derogatory remarks about ISON?

I think “the establishment” wants us to stop paying attention to ISON. Possibly it is significant somehow. A cosmic symbol of hope. A majestic sperm cell in space trying to reach the egg to birth something new. Or just a rock, or dirty ice, in space trying to continue existence. No matter what the case is, is we should support it. We should support it, and want it to survive simply because it is there. Not because of something it might do for us. If we were to see it, it would be an aesthetic experience at least. Maybe nothing more, but nothing less. It needn’t be any more esoteric than that, but it could be.

Then again maybe it is part of the asteroid threat agenda, which will eventually lead up to the fake alien invasion and weaponization of space. At first they pretend ISON is not interesting and won’t do anything, but then suddenly they use their secret space lazors to make ISON threaten Earth somehow to make us all scared and shit. I doubt that will happen though.

I still maintain that ISON is probably something cool. You can interpret that in anyway you want. And I still see a similarity between ISON and Elenin. We let Elenin fade, we shouldn’t do the same for ISON.





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