Face Value acceptance and Deceiving with the Truth

Our world is full of fakes and liars and people who believe them. It’s annoying, and distressing at times, but hardly an acute observation. Lots of people believe the latest Obama or any other icon with a good image simply because they seem nice. People who buy that are beyond help unless they choose to help themselves. However there are other kinds of fakery which are more insidious.

I remember hearing last summer a few times on Finnish main stream radio news how the US government had increased terrorism alertness level, said by a female reporter in a serious tone. Even though there was nothing untrue in the words or details of the news, the message itself was disingenuous. More important was what was not said, instead of what was said. The words were true, yet they contained little meaning. The unsaid message was something along the lines: we the people of little Finland who don’t have to worry so much about the problems of the dangerous world out there should be grateful of our situation, live in fear, enjoy consumerism and let the big boys do their thing without our interference.

Had the news been genuinely trying to inform people of the events happening in the world, they would not have omitted facts such that the US government and their allies are the catalyst for most acts of terror that happen in the world, be it directly or indirectly. Terrorism in the this sense meaning extremists who want to cause fear and destruction. Or in a more direct way the terrorism applying to the military-industrial complex and the terror it brings. Had the newsreader been a genuine human being instead of a slave working for a machine, she might have said something like what a joke it is the US is increasing the alertness level. She might have hinted that it is more like an advertisement campaign for Homeland Security than an actual threat based on evidence. The Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq lie was more believable.

The media often does this sort of thing, they tell you something that is true, or rather they give you facts but not the truth. They distract you from looking at what actually matters with insignificant details. The best way to combat this is to have healthy sense of skepticism and curiosity, as well as keeping an eye of what is really happening. Understanding the big picture. For example, most of us would suspect some sort of deception if we were to see a pink elephant fly through the skies, since our big picture of understanding of reality says that sort of thing does not happen. Still, if we were to see it, it’s hardly smart to shut our minds to it, but rather to investigate further. Is it a large balloon, a hallucination or really a magical elephant? However, many do not have a good understanding of the big picture in politics and all that scheming stuff, so we tend to rely on the experts even if our gut instinct says there’s something fishy about it. The only way of understanding the big picture is to pay attention. We have to be able to receive information and also to digest it. Try to make sense of it.

“Eternal vigilance is the price we pay for freedom” is a cliché I believe in. See beyond words, forms and images to see the patterns.



“True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar; it is not haphazard and superficial. It comes to see that an edifice that produces beggars needs restructuring.”
– Martin Luther King

Around Christmas time you see various charity organizations asking for money on the streets. Whenever there’s a big natural disaster somewhere in the world new charities sprout up from the ground and people fling their money at them. It should come as no surprise that I am not a fan of such charities.

We can look at charities from various viewpoints. For of all, the conspiratorial one questions where the money goes in the first place. People donate millions to charities each year yet the nothing ever seems to get fixed. I’m be willing to wager that some of that money is used to perpetuate the problem it espouses to fix, and some of it simply goes to the deep pockets of fatcats with lots of money to begin with. A tiny amount the of funds go to alleviating the problem the charity claims to be combating, but this is mostly for PR purposes. After all, they need to have something to show for their relief efforts.

If we look at charities from a contemporary realist perspective we can compare it to the medical industry. It’s all about treating the symptoms, and not getting rid of the cause of the disease, since then they’d be out a job. So a charity that claims to want to eradicate hunger needs hungry people to survive. It is the nature of the beast.

Many millionaires give a lot of money to charities, but it does not mean they are good people. They can do that for PR reasons, tax deductions and for more nefarious purposes such as Bill Gates funding vaccination programs to poison children in third world countries. Furthermore if a millionaire donates a million Euros per year to a charity and I donate one Euro, my donation is probably bigger in percentage in comparison to the rest of my monetary assets.

However, I cannot say anything definite about the money trails of charities. I haven’t done the research, I’m merely very skeptical of their effectiveness and genuity. You’d really have to give me a good reason to have faith in charities. Let’s look at giving money to charity from the perspective of Joe Average. It’s not really about being a good person or helping the needy, it is a way shutting off your guilty conscience for a while by flinging money at something. Joe lives his dreary life and works in his dreary company and spends time with his dreary wife and friends. But still he’s aware there are people poorer and worse off than him, so he feels guilty about it. So he gives money to charity and feels like he made a difference, which he did not. You don’t solve problems by throwing money at something. If you wanna escape problems by spending money on something, I’d recommend buying a bottle of vodka instead.

In a lot of ways giving money to charity is like voting; a symbolical act with the pretension of affecting the world in some way, but being utterly pointless. It merely gives you the excuse to say “I voted/ donated money yet the problem persists. I’ve done all I can.” I have a suggestion: instead of living in the box of your emotional comfort zone, you should go out more. I don’t mean this literally, but internally. You should think, research, explore, question. Understand why the problems exist in the first place so you might have idea to the possible solution. Flinging money at it is an excuse, not a solution.

The older meaning of charity is one of the medieval heavenly virtues. Even Wikipedia describes it as “Generosity, charity, self-sacrifice; the term should not be confused with the more restricted modern use of the word charity to mean benevolent giving.” Which basically can be interpreted to say donating money to charity organizations have nothing to do with actual charity. Dispelling false beliefs is much more charitable than throwing your money at something.

All that being said, I flung a few coins at the Salvation Army yesterday, but that is more due to reverence for my grandfather who used to donate money to it every year around Xmas time than any pretensions of charity.

“Think for Yourself”

The education system is often criticized by conspiracy nuts and other proponents of alternative world views that they don’t teach kids how to think for their selves. They don’t teach you how to think, but what to think. I remember hearing a few times the teacher tell us to think for ourselves in elementary school. However, that’s not how kids actually hear it, and not really how the teachers mean it. They are actually saying “Think for yourself how we want you to think”. Think independently so that you will reach the same conclusions we have reached.

People, especially children, tend to think for themselves by default. Only when they are conditioned and indoctrinated to think a certain way, which many people have, they don’t think for themselves. So as a child when you hear “think for yourself” you think what wrong with my thinking? How can I learn to think more for myself? If I emulate the teacher and other adults, am I thinking for myself? The mere phrase may actually lead you further away from independent thought.

In my experience the strongest lesson you learn at school is how to emulate others and how to please those higher than you. This works both in and out the class room. During recess you see the bad ass boys smoking and being the toughest in the school. You want to emulate them either to be as bad ass as them, or at least so no-one hassles you. Then you start smoking like them and doing the other stuff they do. In class, if you’re a “good student” you emulate the teacher, and learn to provide the right response to his or her stimuli to get rewarded in true Pavlovian manner. The class situation is not about learning the subject matter, be it maths, geography or language, but to get good grades. To do that you have to acquire the pretense of understanding those subjects for as long as the course goes on, but actual understanding is not required. Another, perhaps more important part of the class situation, is learning authoritarian discipline. You have to go to class on time, conform to the right conducts of behaviour and so on. This discipline is discipline for slaves or pets who are merely trained for their masters. True discipline is an inner one, and not one that you have for the sake of others.

In conclusion, be cool, don’t stay in school. When I was in senior high school I used to joke that junior high is just a prison for kids. They’re not there to learn stuff, simply to keep them out of the streets. Now that I think about it, the prison drama Oz is a lot like junior high school was, only more brutal and interesting for TV.

Sound-based Magic Technology

Recently I’ve been wondering how pyramids and other ancient sites with huge rocks were built. I remembered hearing that the rocks in Nan Madol on the Pacific ocean were flown to place by magic, according to local legends. Maybe they used sound to do that, I thought. Then I thought that in the Finnish national epic, the Kalevala, the main hero Väinämöinen, a shaman or something, sings another guy, Joukahainen, into the swamp. As a kid I thought that was sort of stupid, and anti-climactic, compared to modern heroes you see on TV and comics, such as He-man who’s really strong and has magic sword. Now that I’ve learned about vibrations and all that, it is starting to make more sense.

Today I saw a presentation by Michael Tellinger where he presents evidence that sound was in fact used in the ancient world to move rocks around. Fancy that. I’m really starting to believe in what The Celestine Prophecy said that once you know how to ask the correct questions, the answers will come to you by synchronicity. The trick is being honest and intuitive about the questions. We often censor the questions by our limited sense of what is possible. “How could I ever know what happened thousands of years ago, it would be silly to ask something like that.”

Sound and synchronicity. Important stuff. I don’t have much to add. Watch the presentation. It’s pretty cool.


Simulacrum People

There’s one particular “reptilian shapeshifting” video from My Fox (which is a channel or a program, I dunno) that’s always fascinated me. It has two women and one man talking about celebrity gossip with their fake smiles and cheesy cheerfulness. One of the women starts to “shift”, her face turns sort of reptilian, some of her clothes shift too, and her co-workers seem to comment on it as well. I’m not saying she is a reptilian, but I find that video one of best evidence for reptilian shapeshifting I’ve seen. I’m still on the fence on the reptilian issue. I need something more convince me either way, but I certainly don’t want to simply dismiss the video as having merely compression artifacts or something. That might be the case, but I remain unconvinced of that too. The reptilian question (or any other non-human, non-physical entity) is not my focus here. There’s another issue in the video that has bothered me long before I began to take all of this weird and crazy shit seriously.

The TV program in the video is sending people a totally screwed up view of reality, which most of the stuff on TV is doing. However, that is beyond normal news propaganda in its disgustingness (it’s so disgusting I have to invent a new word). I cannot fathom for the life of me why anyone would like to watch that sort of program, or even stand to watch weren’t it for the reptilian shapeshifting. They’re discussing completely vapid and pointless celebrity gossip, and on top of that the way they act is repulsive. I know entertainment is often quite shallow, not everything has to be Shakespeare anyway, but does that program entertain anyone? All I see is a magic spell, a brainwashing psy-op, to make weak-minded fools think that sort of behaviour and mindset is interesting and cool. It basically is designed to rot one’s brain. Everything in the program is just repulsive to me. I’d rather watch a bus-load of babies burn to a crisp. It might be horrible, but at least it’s real.

I’ve seen a lot of crap like that My Fox program on the TV over the years, and that’s why I haven’t watched TV much in five years or so. That sort of superficial brain garbage traps your mind on a certain level if you watch it. When I was young I used to think people are just dumb to make programs like that, but there is a conspiracy behind it, like most things in our society. It’s there to give you a false sense of reality. To make your mind shy away from matters of real interest such as corporate crime, Orwellian police state, or the nature of beauty and the meaning of life. I think this particular reptilian video illustrates it best. I get a real They Live -vibe from it.

The way I see it, just my subjective feeling, is the people are simulacrum people. Some sort of aliens masquerading badly as humans. You can interpret that in many ways, such as they actually are aliens or demons as in They Live, or they are humans like us but they have lost their souls by working for the industry. Either they are pretending to be human the best they can to give bread and circuses, but this particular bread tastes like last year’s vomit. Or they are highly intelligent aliens who enjoy playing the role of an air-head human. It’s as if they’re mocking us.

For me, those people are inauthentic people; simulacrum people. The real question is whether they know it or not. I think they do, though. They seem almost cartoonish. The shapeshifting woman looks like she’s real evil sadist. She acts all girly, but that is an act. The other woman seems dumb, a sort of follower. While the man seems sophisticated, but truly evil when circumstances call for it.

You may call me crazy for even entertaining possibilities like this, but you should go watch the video and tell me who’s crazy. If you are not disturbed by the video, I just don’t know what to say. I don’t regard myself the same species with someone who is not disgusted by that.

Links: The video:

The Mark of the Beast

I’m gonna share my thoughts on the Mark of the Beast. I am of course referring to the idea which originates in the Bible, the Book of Revelations. It says everybody is forced the get the mark on their forehead or on the right hand and they cannot buy or sell without it. It has been argued time and again that the mark is the bar code, each of which has the number 666 on it, the RFID chip or something similar. I don’t know if that is true, but it sure as hell is worth considering. I also don’t know what the Book of Revelations actually is. It might be actual prophecy and a warning from ancient times, simply old stories that someone is using as a psychological tool in modern times, or ancient “predictive programming” made to cause us believe in a fake end of the world scenario. I don’t know, but I’m open to possibilities.

All I know it sounds evil and bureaucratic. Nevertheless the Mark of the Beast is to be taken seriously, whether it is an actual prophecy or simply someone thought to use the idea suggested in it now that we have access to technology. The idea of a technological wallet and ID card microchip sounds like a perfect tool for a totalitarian bureaucracy. Not to mention the possibility that it will be used for mind control. However, maybe it’s not so much a technological device, but a psychological one. I got thinking about bar codes earlier today. Here in Finland we recycle soda cans and bottles. You take empty ones to the store, insert them in a machine and you get money back. Approximately 20 cents per bottle. It’s a nice system, except for one thing. You’re not really recycling cans and bottles, you are recycling bar codes. When you insert the can/ bottle into the machine it reads the bar code and gives you money based on the value of the item. The stupid thing is, if you have cans and bottles without the right bar code, such as beer cans bought in Estonia (the country to south of Finland) you can’t get the money, even though the metal in the can is probably the same as in Finnish cans. You are not recycling the actual physical item, rather you are recycling the abstract legal fiction of one. Reminds me of that Freeman of the Land stuff where they say there exists the actual flesh and blood human version of me, and the legal fiction, a corporate entity which shares the same name as me. Well, now not only people, but disposable items are fictitious entities too, and the system cares more about it, than the physical entity. I sometimes think I should take advantage of it somehow, and feed the recycling machines a wood plank or something with a bar code on it… In the same train of thought, maybe the Beast of the Bible is this machine like consciousness which has been guiding humanity to a certain goal for millennia. Empires, multinational religions, corporations, communism, collectivism and eventually transhumanism, all of those are symptoms of the same underlying principle; each human being is merely a cog in a huge machine which wants to rule the earth. That is where have been “evolving” to for the last few millennia. Centralization of power, unification of different kinds of people, or more accurately homogenization of people. We must all look, think and act the same to be part of the great artificial entity which has been dreaming into our souls for aeons, waiting to be born. I got all Lovecraftian there.

The predator that Don Juan spoke of in Carlos Castaneda’s book is probably the beast as well. Interestingly the Bible says: “The dragon gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority.”

Back to the Mark of the Beast. If the beast is simply a mark which is supposed to serve a psychological function it could be something like the good citizens get the mark, a bonus for being a good citizen. They get privileges for it, and people without it are bad citizens that should be ostracized. I doubt it’s that simple though. If the mark is the RFID chip wallet thingy, that brings me to Bitcoin. Bitcoin is this alternative world-wide electronic currency promoted by some alternative media outlets. Using electronic currency such as Bitcoin, which many socially more active and aware people are starting to use quite happily, it might be easier to make the transition from physical notes and coins to electronic money used with the Mark of the Beast. I’m not saying Bitcoin is evil or anything, my gut feeling doesn’t say it’s bad, but I don’t really buy into it either. I think Bitcoin would just complicate things more. Another artificial human construct to regulate how people are supposed to interact with each other. It’s been said Bitcoin can be used to get rid of the Federal Reserve system, and maybe that’s right. However after we do that, we should get rid of Bitcoin too. Besides, the Federal Reserve system is going down eventually anyways, too many people simply are aware of what it is. The question is, what will replace it?

So I don’t hate Bitcoin. I think it might be OK, but… and there’s a always a but. They don’t know who made it. All they know it was made by a person or a group using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, which is a Japanese name. However it’s usually thought the Bitcoin originated in England. At first it might sound like a noble hero of open source software donated this gift to the world, but… It might as well be made by anyone. An intelligence agency like CIA or MI5, insane hacker genius who plans to use it to take over ze wurld, or Martian blood-sucking space cows from Atlantis. We just don’t know who made it, and I find it suspicious as heck. Moreover, apparently the UK royal mint is planning to make some physical Bitcoins themselves. I thought Bitcoin was alternative, revolutionary and all that? If in fact Bitcoin originated in England, maybe the Bank of London made it as another conspiracy to allow the City of London keep hold of the world’s finances. Could it be that simple?

Mark of the Beast. I’ve also heard claims that is not a physical mark nor a technological one, but a spiritual one. If that is the case, I have nothing to comment on it except: fascinating. That’s all for now, I guess. Keep your eyes peeled, ears popped and mouth closer when you eat. Yeah…

EDIT: Found this link on Red Ice. It says Bitcoin was created by DARPA. http://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/1r7iks/bitcoin_was_created_by_darpa_xpost_rbitcoin/


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In movies, comic books and computer games the bad guys always seem to have countless number of minions to beat up. Batman’s arch-nemesis the Joker always has faceless goons serving him. Every fantasy roleplaying game has an evil warlord with orcs and goblins doing his bidding or a necromancer with armies of the dead under his command. I’ve sometimes wondered where do they get all of these minions? Recently I’ve realized the amount of minions in these fictional adventures is not so silly after all. Most people simply are minions of some group, leader or ideology.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines minion as follows:

– “someone who is not powerful or important and who obeys the orders of a powerful leader or boss”

– “a servile dependent, follower, or underling”

(I love these definitions.) Every powerful institution almost magically summons a bunch of minions to serve it. Be it a government that has an army of soldiers and a gaggle of bureaucrats. A corporation with its pawns. A church parish with its flock. Every sports team has loyal, fanatical even, supporters. Same goes for politics. Cultural products such as gaming consoles, music groups and subcultures have their fanboys, groupies and other little minions. I’ve been a minion of a few different things in my youth, such as a fanboy in the Playstation vs Sega Saturn conflict of the nineties. Before that was Amiga vs PC.

Why do we fall victim to minionism? The key is in the definition; someone who is not powerful or important. We feel powerless and realize that the other thing has power, so we sycophant our orc boss in hopes of favors, or that power trickles down on us from the top. The very least, the powerful warlock won’t zap his arcane bolts at us first if we serve him. Fear and powerlessness is why we become minions.

Why are we powerless then? Because we give our power away, think we are powerless, or get beaten down by the shitty matrix world we live in. I’m not saying the whole world is shitty, but the human made demonic construct that we believe to be the world is. When we believe the lie, we think there is no escape, and we are powerless victims. Then we either cower in the corner hoping not to get crushed, or start crushing others since it’s at least more fun than cowering in the corner. By rediscovering our spirituality, by connecting with the truth instead of the lie, we begin to regain our power. Then we realize how silly it is to be a minion. Although, perhaps some people are simply born to be minions. Perhaps they have no power to begin with. Many people go out of their way to find a master to serve, or accept the one denoted to them by society at birth without question. Maybe that is their place. Think about it.