In movies, comic books and computer games the bad guys always seem to have countless number of minions to beat up. Batman’s arch-nemesis the Joker always has faceless goons serving him. Every fantasy roleplaying game has an evil warlord with orcs and goblins doing his bidding or a necromancer with armies of the dead under his command. I’ve sometimes wondered where do they get all of these minions? Recently I’ve realized the amount of minions in these fictional adventures is not so silly after all. Most people simply are minions of some group, leader or ideology.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines minion as follows:

– “someone who is not powerful or important and who obeys the orders of a powerful leader or boss”

– “a servile dependent, follower, or underling”

(I love these definitions.) Every powerful institution almost magically summons a bunch of minions to serve it. Be it a government that has an army of soldiers and a gaggle of bureaucrats. A corporation with its pawns. A church parish with its flock. Every sports team has loyal, fanatical even, supporters. Same goes for politics. Cultural products such as gaming consoles, music groups and subcultures have their fanboys, groupies and other little minions. I’ve been a minion of a few different things in my youth, such as a fanboy in the Playstation vs Sega Saturn conflict of the nineties. Before that was Amiga vs PC.

Why do we fall victim to minionism? The key is in the definition; someone who is not powerful or important. We feel powerless and realize that the other thing has power, so we sycophant our orc boss in hopes of favors, or that power trickles down on us from the top. The very least, the powerful warlock won’t zap his arcane bolts at us first if we serve him. Fear and powerlessness is why we become minions.

Why are we powerless then? Because we give our power away, think we are powerless, or get beaten down by the shitty matrix world we live in. I’m not saying the whole world is shitty, but the human made demonic construct that we believe to be the world is. When we believe the lie, we think there is no escape, and we are powerless victims. Then we either cower in the corner hoping not to get crushed, or start crushing others since it’s at least more fun than cowering in the corner. By rediscovering our spirituality, by connecting with the truth instead of the lie, we begin to regain our power. Then we realize how silly it is to be a minion. Although, perhaps some people are simply born to be minions. Perhaps they have no power to begin with. Many people go out of their way to find a master to serve, or accept the one denoted to them by society at birth without question. Maybe that is their place. Think about it.


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