The Mark of the Beast

I’m gonna share my thoughts on the Mark of the Beast. I am of course referring to the idea which originates in the Bible, the Book of Revelations. It says everybody is forced the get the mark on their forehead or on the right hand and they cannot buy or sell without it. It has been argued time and again that the mark is the bar code, each of which has the number 666 on it, the RFID chip or something similar. I don’t know if that is true, but it sure as hell is worth considering. I also don’t know what the Book of Revelations actually is. It might be actual prophecy and a warning from ancient times, simply old stories that someone is using as a psychological tool in modern times, or ancient “predictive programming” made to cause us believe in a fake end of the world scenario. I don’t know, but I’m open to possibilities.

All I know it sounds evil and bureaucratic. Nevertheless the Mark of the Beast is to be taken seriously, whether it is an actual prophecy or simply someone thought to use the idea suggested in it now that we have access to technology. The idea of a technological wallet and ID card microchip sounds like a perfect tool for a totalitarian bureaucracy. Not to mention the possibility that it will be used for mind control. However, maybe it’s not so much a technological device, but a psychological one. I got thinking about bar codes earlier today. Here in Finland we recycle soda cans and bottles. You take empty ones to the store, insert them in a machine and you get money back. Approximately 20 cents per bottle. It’s a nice system, except for one thing. You’re not really recycling cans and bottles, you are recycling bar codes. When you insert the can/ bottle into the machine it reads the bar code and gives you money based on the value of the item. The stupid thing is, if you have cans and bottles without the right bar code, such as beer cans bought in Estonia (the country to south of Finland) you can’t get the money, even though the metal in the can is probably the same as in Finnish cans. You are not recycling the actual physical item, rather you are recycling the abstract legal fiction of one. Reminds me of that Freeman of the Land stuff where they say there exists the actual flesh and blood human version of me, and the legal fiction, a corporate entity which shares the same name as me. Well, now not only people, but disposable items are fictitious entities too, and the system cares more about it, than the physical entity. I sometimes think I should take advantage of it somehow, and feed the recycling machines a wood plank or something with a bar code on it… In the same train of thought, maybe the Beast of the Bible is this machine like consciousness which has been guiding humanity to a certain goal for millennia. Empires, multinational religions, corporations, communism, collectivism and eventually transhumanism, all of those are symptoms of the same underlying principle; each human being is merely a cog in a huge machine which wants to rule the earth. That is where have been “evolving” to for the last few millennia. Centralization of power, unification of different kinds of people, or more accurately homogenization of people. We must all look, think and act the same to be part of the great artificial entity which has been dreaming into our souls for aeons, waiting to be born. I got all Lovecraftian there.

The predator that Don Juan spoke of in Carlos Castaneda’s book is probably the beast as well. Interestingly the Bible says: “The dragon gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority.”

Back to the Mark of the Beast. If the beast is simply a mark which is supposed to serve a psychological function it could be something like the good citizens get the mark, a bonus for being a good citizen. They get privileges for it, and people without it are bad citizens that should be ostracized. I doubt it’s that simple though. If the mark is the RFID chip wallet thingy, that brings me to Bitcoin. Bitcoin is this alternative world-wide electronic currency promoted by some alternative media outlets. Using electronic currency such as Bitcoin, which many socially more active and aware people are starting to use quite happily, it might be easier to make the transition from physical notes and coins to electronic money used with the Mark of the Beast. I’m not saying Bitcoin is evil or anything, my gut feeling doesn’t say it’s bad, but I don’t really buy into it either. I think Bitcoin would just complicate things more. Another artificial human construct to regulate how people are supposed to interact with each other. It’s been said Bitcoin can be used to get rid of the Federal Reserve system, and maybe that’s right. However after we do that, we should get rid of Bitcoin too. Besides, the Federal Reserve system is going down eventually anyways, too many people simply are aware of what it is. The question is, what will replace it?

So I don’t hate Bitcoin. I think it might be OK, but… and there’s a always a but. They don’t know who made it. All they know it was made by a person or a group using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, which is a Japanese name. However it’s usually thought the Bitcoin originated in England. At first it might sound like a noble hero of open source software donated this gift to the world, but… It might as well be made by anyone. An intelligence agency like CIA or MI5, insane hacker genius who plans to use it to take over ze wurld, or Martian blood-sucking space cows from Atlantis. We just don’t know who made it, and I find it suspicious as heck. Moreover, apparently the UK royal mint is planning to make some physical Bitcoins themselves. I thought Bitcoin was alternative, revolutionary and all that? If in fact Bitcoin originated in England, maybe the Bank of London made it as another conspiracy to allow the City of London keep hold of the world’s finances. Could it be that simple?

Mark of the Beast. I’ve also heard claims that is not a physical mark nor a technological one, but a spiritual one. If that is the case, I have nothing to comment on it except: fascinating. That’s all for now, I guess. Keep your eyes peeled, ears popped and mouth closer when you eat. Yeah…

EDIT: Found this link on Red Ice. It says Bitcoin was created by DARPA.


Revelation 13:

Bar code 666:

Don Juan:

UK mint on Bitcoins:


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