Simulacrum People

There’s one particular “reptilian shapeshifting” video from My Fox (which is a channel or a program, I dunno) that’s always fascinated me. It has two women and one man talking about celebrity gossip with their fake smiles and cheesy cheerfulness. One of the women starts to “shift”, her face turns sort of reptilian, some of her clothes shift too, and her co-workers seem to comment on it as well. I’m not saying she is a reptilian, but I find that video one of best evidence for reptilian shapeshifting I’ve seen. I’m still on the fence on the reptilian issue. I need something more convince me either way, but I certainly don’t want to simply dismiss the video as having merely compression artifacts or something. That might be the case, but I remain unconvinced of that too. The reptilian question (or any other non-human, non-physical entity) is not my focus here. There’s another issue in the video that has bothered me long before I began to take all of this weird and crazy shit seriously.

The TV program in the video is sending people a totally screwed up view of reality, which most of the stuff on TV is doing. However, that is beyond normal news propaganda in its disgustingness (it’s so disgusting I have to invent a new word). I cannot fathom for the life of me why anyone would like to watch that sort of program, or even stand to watch weren’t it for the reptilian shapeshifting. They’re discussing completely vapid and pointless celebrity gossip, and on top of that the way they act is repulsive. I know entertainment is often quite shallow, not everything has to be Shakespeare anyway, but does that program entertain anyone? All I see is a magic spell, a brainwashing psy-op, to make weak-minded fools think that sort of behaviour and mindset is interesting and cool. It basically is designed to rot one’s brain. Everything in the program is just repulsive to me. I’d rather watch a bus-load of babies burn to a crisp. It might be horrible, but at least it’s real.

I’ve seen a lot of crap like that My Fox program on the TV over the years, and that’s why I haven’t watched TV much in five years or so. That sort of superficial brain garbage traps your mind on a certain level if you watch it. When I was young I used to think people are just dumb to make programs like that, but there is a conspiracy behind it, like most things in our society. It’s there to give you a false sense of reality. To make your mind shy away from matters of real interest such as corporate crime, Orwellian police state, or the nature of beauty and the meaning of life. I think this particular reptilian video illustrates it best. I get a real They Live -vibe from it.

The way I see it, just my subjective feeling, is the people are simulacrum people. Some sort of aliens masquerading badly as humans. You can interpret that in many ways, such as they actually are aliens or demons as in They Live, or they are humans like us but they have lost their souls by working for the industry. Either they are pretending to be human the best they can to give bread and circuses, but this particular bread tastes like last year’s vomit. Or they are highly intelligent aliens who enjoy playing the role of an air-head human. It’s as if they’re mocking us.

For me, those people are inauthentic people; simulacrum people. The real question is whether they know it or not. I think they do, though. They seem almost cartoonish. The shapeshifting woman looks like she’s real evil sadist. She acts all girly, but that is an act. The other woman seems dumb, a sort of follower. While the man seems sophisticated, but truly evil when circumstances call for it.

You may call me crazy for even entertaining possibilities like this, but you should go watch the video and tell me who’s crazy. If you are not disturbed by the video, I just don’t know what to say. I don’t regard myself the same species with someone who is not disgusted by that.

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