Sound-based Magic Technology

Recently I’ve been wondering how pyramids and other ancient sites with huge rocks were built. I remembered hearing that the rocks in Nan Madol on the Pacific ocean were flown to place by magic, according to local legends. Maybe they used sound to do that, I thought. Then I thought that in the Finnish national epic, the Kalevala, the main hero Väinämöinen, a shaman or something, sings another guy, Joukahainen, into the swamp. As a kid I thought that was sort of stupid, and anti-climactic, compared to modern heroes you see on TV and comics, such as He-man who’s really strong and has magic sword. Now that I’ve learned about vibrations and all that, it is starting to make more sense.

Today I saw a presentation by Michael Tellinger where he presents evidence that sound was in fact used in the ancient world to move rocks around. Fancy that. I’m really starting to believe in what The Celestine Prophecy said that once you know how to ask the correct questions, the answers will come to you by synchronicity. The trick is being honest and intuitive about the questions. We often censor the questions by our limited sense of what is possible. “How could I ever know what happened thousands of years ago, it would be silly to ask something like that.”

Sound and synchronicity. Important stuff. I don’t have much to add. Watch the presentation. It’s pretty cool.



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