Let’s get rid of Emotional Attachments to Words

Words are used to program us by creating emotional attributes to them. We hear a certain word, and we’re supposed feel a certain way and therefore act a certain way. Terrorism; fear. Conspiracy; crazy. Some words create opposite emotional results based on the culture of the person hearing it. For atheists the word God brings up images of stupid, irrational belief and for theists it brings a positive sentiment. For many atheists the word science evokes positive images of almost God-like infallibility, whereas a lot of people who have realized the so-called scientific institutions are as corrupt as any other institution, the very word science might bring up negative images.

The best thing is to get rid of our emotional investments into words. A thing either is, or is not, something. Bombing civilians either is or is not an act of terror. It does not matter how you feel about it, or about the word terrorism. 9/11, or even the existence of civilization, is a or is not a conspiracy. It does not matter what conspiracy theory you prefer to explain it, or if you prefer to think the word conspiracy is meaningless. Instead of arguing whether or not God exists, someone should first explain what is God.

Words are also hi-jacked by certain groups. For example, God has been hi-jacked by churches and religious institutions, as if it belonged to them. Science has been hi-jacked by academic institutions. Only governments can determine what constitutes an act of terrorism.

My pet peeves about this hi-jacking are words such as skepticism, science and of course conspiracy. When I was a child, I used to think of myself as a skeptic, i.e. being skeptical of things “everybody knew” to be true. Such as we “knew” UFOs were not alien space craft or anything interesting like that. We “knew” there was no telepathy or telekinesis. Being a skeptic I liked to entertain the opposite view, that maybe we don’t know the truth about it. However, it seems the word skeptic has been hi-jacked by people who have no skeptical bone in their body. They just accept what the establishment wants them to. Of science and conspiracy I’ve written before. Science should merely refer to the process of looking for the truth, with no external attachments either way. The word science itself should be bland and neutral, yet for a lot of “believers” the very word science invokes joy and grandeur. Researchers should be excited about individual objects of their research, but science itself should not elicit strong emotional responses. Conspiracy also is a fairly normal social act perpetrated by human being for various reasons. There is nothing odd or crazy about it, nor should every act of conspiracy be somehow connected to the Illuminati.

I think words and language are quite interesting. Yet by adding emotional triggers to words, one diminishes the multi-dimensional purpose of each word. Words mean something, your emotional complexes don’t. At least not to other people. Especially since most of them have been programmed into you by others.


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