The Snowden Affair

This isn’t such a current topic anymore, but I’d like to express my opinions on the “revelations” of Edward Snowden about NSA spying. I’ve never really thought we should take Snowden’s whistle-blowing at face value. I haven’t looked deeply into the information he’s shared, nor to his personal history. Other people have done that and suggested various explanations, such as the Snowden affair being part of rivalry between CIA and NSA. I’m not going to go into that. I’ll just focus on how I’ve seen the affair discussed in public.

First of all it’s been pointed out in the alternative media that the information about all of the spying is not new. The information had been out there prior to the emergence of Snowden. Certainly it wasn’t news to any proper conspiracy nut. Whether or not we actually knew it was happening, we “knew” it already. I’d go as far as to say, that even the “normal” people, the “sheeple” knew it. The thing was that they just weren’t allowed to think it. A lot of people get their sense of what’s real and what is not from the issues discussed in the public. In many ways to the mind of the common man something is not real unless the mainstream media says it is. Deep in their mind they may understand what the truth is, or at least that an issue is worth considering, but they suppress their reason and intuition if the social norms say you should do so. Now with the Snowden revelations it has become socially accepted to talk about government spying. I doubt that is an accident.

When I first heard about Snowden it was through Facebook. One of my “friends”, whom I consider a “useful idiot” for the establishment, shared a link about NSA spying and Snowden. I was perplexed. Why would he be sharing information that is usually confined to the realms of conspiracy nuts such as myself? Sometime later I saw a group on Facebook, which sometimes posts insightful stuff, sometimes crap, post a picture or an article about what a hero Snowden is. We should kneel down before him to kiss his feet or crap like that. I wasn’t sold. I don’t like being told whom I should revere. It looked more like a psyop to me.

The good thing about the Snowden affair is the information about NSA spying has become public knowledge, even if he wasn’t the first one to say it. I don’t resent Snowden for it. In fact, I don’t resent Snowden at all. I hate the hype machine around Snowden. But he’s no hero, especially compared to the countless conspiracy researchers who have poured years into their work, dedicated their lives to exposing all the crap going around behind our backs. First you have to acknowledge their heroism, before you can mention someone like Snowden who got into fame because of the mainstream media of the whole planet wanted to make him famous.

The bad thing about the Snowden stuff is that it keeps people trusting the mainstream. A lot of people are starting to question everything, abuse of governmental power being one such thing. They are on the fence plagued by an internal battle to hold on to the Matrix of mainstream reality or to jump into the deep abyss of leaving the consensus behind. The more idiotic the mainstream media becomes, the more people are losing faith in it, and possibly starting to pay attention to the alternative media who try to find out the truth. I’m not saying the alternative media is telling the whole truth, but I do think many people working in alternative media are genuinely interested in finding out the truth and telling it to others, which the mainstream media certainly is not doing. Because of this the mainstream needs to at least appear intelligent and relevant. People who were suspecting that this spying is going on were starting to look into alternative media for answers, but now they have the Snowden affair to drag them back to the main stream. Same thing with Wikileaks and Julian Assange. Give them bread and circuses coated with a little bit of truth to keep the masses happy.

I’m not saying the Snowden affair is merely a conspiracy to keep people interested in the mainstream media or something stupid like that. It’s purpose is to keep people attached to the mainstream belief system. The Mainstream Matrix. Also it serves as a distraction. Snowden affairs offer talking points for people to pointlessly argue over back and forth. Is he a hero, is he a traitor, yadda yadda yadda? People keep playing their rhetorical tennis matches while the military industrial complex keeps tightening the net around us. The Snowden affair is a distraction. Also it offers new keywords to program people new emotional responses; Snowden -> good. NSA – >bad. Government -> scary. It oversimplifies the issue of government surveillance as well. It becomes a juvenile heroic epic of Snowden against the monstrous NSA. You’re supposed to associate government surveillance with NSA, and disagreeing with it you are a Snowden fan. The whole public sphere of discussion is a mash-up of teenage fads. It’s fashionable to like Harry Potter this week, the next week it’s Snowden. Last week Kony sucked, now it’s NSA. Next week it’s gonna be something different.

You can call me paranoid or whatever, but I for the life of me cannot see any genuineness in the Snowden affair. It’s too neat and manufactured.


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