It is said the music you like expresses something about you. You like a certain kind of music, because you can relate its message to your life. That’s why I’ve always disliked pop music and mainstream music. As The Smiths put it in the song Panic (I’ve never liked them that much either, but at least appreciated on an intellectual level):

“Hang the blessed DJ
Because the music that they constantly play

When I was young pop music used to superficial and simple with a catchy tune, i.e. entertaining and stupid. As I possessed a superiority complex even back then, I didn’t want to admit that I sort of liked some pop songs, even though I thought they were stupid. Nowadays pop songs don’t even have the catchy tune. There is no longer no reason within the song itself to like it. It’s just sound that on the surface seems like music, but has no spark, no hook. No beauty. Twenty years ago the attraction in pop songs was superficial, but it was there. Now it’s stuff like Rihanna. No-one can listen to that stuff, because they like the “music”. No, they like it because of the hype, the media machine promoting it, peer pressure and attraction to sexual images. The pop songs themselves contain nothing to be attracted to, so the companies must build an outer layer to confuse people that the music is interesting. Compared to something like the Spice Girls, which was stupid and superficial, but they had at least some catchy tunes. I thought back then that people who like pop music are as stupid and superficial as the music, yet that was at least human. Pop music nowadays isn’t even human, and I don’t mean that in a nice Lovecraftian mysterious way either.

Back in the nineties I thought most of the music they played on mainstream media was crap, but at least sometimes they played some good stuff. I don’t really know what they play on MTV and channels like that anymore, but I’m under the impression it’s 100% crap. Maybe it’s just due to the level of bad music having sank even deeper I think they don’t play good music at all, maybe they do. I really don’t care since I can find good music on the internet without relying on TV channels.

What is good music then? I had a revelation last year. I lived a year in South Korea, and came to the conclusion they must have the worst music in the world. I don’t mean K-pop, since I much prefer K-pop to Western pop, even though I dislike it too. In Korea music seems so dominated by big business. You go to a night club anywhere in Seoul and they just keep repeating the same 10 songs all over again. As if the Illuminati told them “these are only songs you can play or else…” It’s not that the kind of music they play in Korea is not to my liking, but there is no variety, and no genuineness. All of it is crap spewed by the corporate machine to inundate the masses. Possibly young people never learn that there are alternatives. I also visited Japan last summer and the music there is much different. I felt so happy going to a music store and hearing rap or hip-hop wasn’t the same commercial stuff. I don’t like rap/ hip-hop, but at that moment I understood someone probably resonates with this stuff. It was real music, the artist expressing himself, and the people who listen to it must actually like it. Opposed to people who live in Korea who have little alternative, unless they are mavericks who go out of their way find good music.

The distinction between good and bad music is then, if it’s actually the artist expressing him/ herself or a corporate product manufactured for monetary/ social engineering purposes. That is the only objective assessment I can make about the value of music. Except that bad music seems to have the old school superficial yet entertaining kind of music and the horrible screeches from the dark abyss kind of modern music.

Let’s talk about what music I like personally then. What do I resonate with. I started listening to the British band Blur when I was 11 or 12. The genre is called “Brit-pop” but it’s not quite as “pop” as Spice Girls or Backstreet Boys. I still sometimes listen to them even though I don’t resonate with the music so much anymore. When I was a teenager I became obsessed with PJ Harvey, and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds a bit later. I could relate to their hopeless romantic songs before I had had any actual experience with romance. Now that I have, I don’t resonate with them so much anymore. I still like them, but not nearly as much as before.

Being “awake” or a conspiracy nut, you kind of want to find musicians that are struggling with the same issues as you, so many of the stuff you liked before may not speak to you as much as before you “woke up”. Nowadays there are more and more videos on Youtube and conspiracy sites of songs whose lyrics deal with conspiracies and other pertinent issues. Yet the many of them seem musically average with mentions of popular conspiracy theories in the lyrics. I’m not impressed. That music is more of a political statement than a musical attempt to transcend the conspiracy, which is a good thing socially, I guess, but artistically not so. And the artistic significance of music is ultimately greater than it’s social significance. That music is more than a warcry than music.

There are some bands that deal with conspiracy and spiritual issues that I relate with greatly: Angelspit, Icon of Coil and Apoptygma Berzerk. Angelspit is an Australian industrial duo with quite dark and powerful music. Probably my favourite band these days. Their songs deal with, critisize and are disgusted by a lot of the shit going on in our world, but is not too preachy. The music comes first, the politics second. The song Kill Kitty has lines such as:

“I say Alien, you say salvation
I say government, you say Free Mason”


“I said I gave a shit but I lied
my apron says illuminati child”

Channel Hell goes:

“My friends use to show off their tatts
Now they talk about filling their bank vault
Mellow is the new fad
Your life is fucked and it’s all your fault”


“Angry youth reduced to ultra-conservative nervous frightened children
It was supposed to dangerous
It was supposed to be risque
Now it’s cheap and mass produced
Now it’s in a bargain bin… on sale”

The song 100% says:

God is in control
Watch the dot
Take your meds
Obey my demands
Trust my dog
Time for surgery
God is in control
Watch the dot
Take your meds
Obey my demands
Trust my dog
Shut your eyes you’re dead]

Televised mass poison
Spitting at the screen
Keep the masses deluded
With fabricated dreams

Powdered God in a bag
From the Vatican
I want you to fuck off
As hard as you can”

I just fucking love Angelspit. Icon of Coil is an old electro band of Andy LaPlegua who is better known for Combichrist these days. Combichrist is pretty nice too, but I prefer Icon of Coil. You Just Died goes:

“We built a flagship on a lie
We built our honor on a lie
We built our pride on a lie
We built this world on a lie
We built a flagship on a lie
We built our honor on a lie
We built this world on a lie
Now we’ll repair it on a lie”

Another song, Simulated, talks about the control system around:

“You’re incapable to think or breath for yourself
We pull the strings, cut off the wings
We’re in charge of all the peace and of all the noise
You think there is a God, you are only toys.
You’re incapable to think or breath for yourself
We pull the strings, cut off the wings
We’re in charge of all the peace and of all the noise
You think there is a God, you are only toys.
You’re toys”

Apoptygma Berzerk is a Norwegian band, and not as “heavy” as the name suggests. Their songs aren’t generally as dark as the previous bands. The song Eclipse is quite spiritual:

“As we dwell inside the safe zones that we’ve made
Where nothing but earthly pleasures seem to matter
The only light we see is from the screens
No will to feel or explore the forgotten dimensions”

Kathy’s Song combines biblical creation with Commodore 64 into a spiritual love song. Apoptygma Berzerk’s latest album Rocket Science has many quite obvious conspiracy references.

A lot of “truthers” and conspiracy nuts seem to have a “flower hat auntie” about music. Sometimes they comment that since something is a bit dark, it’s nasty. That’s not true at all. A lot of the music I like is dark, and the world we live in dark and nasty. I guess I like the music I listen to to reflect that, and to show something beautiful can arise from this quagmire we are in. I also abhor a lot of banal music which I guess reflects the life of the everyday man or woman who is only concerned with everyday stuff.

One song deserves a special mention. It’s “Yet Another “9/11 Was An Inside Job” Song” from an amateur called Scootle Royale. I heard it once 3 years or so ago and I still remember it. It’s cute and quaint so I had to find it again to share it here. This article has gone on long enough and I have to finish it, even though there are other bands I’d like to talk about.



The Smiths – panic:

Blur – Country House:

PJ Harvey – The Garden:

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- The Curse of Millhaven:

Angelspit – Kill Kitty:

Angelspit – Channel Hell:

Angelspit- 100%:

Icon of Coil – You Just Died:

Icon of Coil- Simulated:

Apoptygma Berzerk – Eclipse:

Apoptygma Berzerk- Kathy’s Song:

Rocket Science:

Yet Another “9/11 Was An Inside Job” Song:



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