Ideologies are Pointless

Or rather ideologies are pointless at best, most often harmful. The notion that we have to have some preset code guiding our behaviour is preposterous. Especially if the code has been made by someone else, especially someone who may have lived and died long before we were born. Or perhaps the origin of the ideology is unknown. It is simply there, and people try to follow because it is there. By ideologies and codes I mean anything ranging from Christian and Confucian values to secular humanism or libertarianism. They can work when used as a general reminder of what is good and what is bad, but one mustn’t let their ideological dogma override their common sense or intuition.

If a person is moral, he does moral acts by nature. If he lives in Christian environment he may use his Christian upbringing as an excuse for his good acts (helping the needy), where in fact he would have done good things regardless. If a person is immoral, he does immoral acts by nature. If he lives in a Christian environment he may use his Christian upbringing as an excuse for evil acts (torturing heretics), where in fact he would done so regardless. Of course the division of people in to moral and immoral people is an artificial ideology itself, but you can get a general sense of their “nature” by observing the fruits of their labour and behaviour over a long period of time. So called moral people do make mistakes, moral, practical, intellectual and social ones, and vice versa bad people can occasionally do good things. It’s the big picture that counts.

What makes someone moral is an innate thing, but what is innate does not necessarily mean it is inborn. A person can be born good, or he may absorb certain lessons from his environment to forge his behaviour and sentiments to make him grasp the difference between right and wrong. Morality, and all sorts of understanding, must be innate. It serves no purpose to have a list of things you must or must not do. It is only for simulacra who do not understand what being alive means. Someone who has to follow such external programming is more aching to a robot or other type of automaton rather than a living being. The simulacrum follows the program and can fool people for a while, and other inauthentic people as himself, but those who are truly alive, who experience the multi-faceted meaning of life will sense their fakeness one way or another.

Immanuel Kant’s categorical imperative is the lowest kind of morality there is. It states: “Act only according to that maxim whereby you can, at the same time, will that it should become a universal law.” No. That is not how a living human lives his life. Sometimes you do wrong things, even morally wrong things, yet in due time you realize the harm you had done, and it will lead you to do something great. For example I’ve always known that joining the military is not an honorable thing. However, there are lots of veterans (especially Americans) who joined the military out of sense of duty or honour or some punchline from a first person shooter computer game. In the military service they were forced to commit various immoral acts, which would eventually lead them to reflect their life in a brand new way. I could get on my moral high horse to say what idiots they were to begin with, since I never even considered it a good idea to do what they did. Yet it’s not as if I haven’t done countless other mistakes, I just never made that one mistake of believing in militarism. In the personal journey of most people the mistakes they make, especially the moral mistakes, are what force them to wake up.

You cannot have a law dictating to you how to behave. No categorical imperative. You have to take responsibility for yourself. Most people would agree that murder is wrong, and as a general rule it is good not to commit murder, but I’m sure there have been situations when murder was the most moral option. Trying to change the wording makes no difference. If someone attacks you with an axe and you shoot them in the head in self-defense it’s still murder. Murder in self-defense.

If you try to follow some abstract, inhuman ideology you will either get disillusioned, which is good, or go crazy, and probably become morally corrupted. Real, natural morality is something you cannot define. When you try to do so, you take away its spirit. It too becomes an ugly simulacrum. The same goes for freedom. Anything or anyone who simply lives loves to be free. It does little good to have ideologies and constitutions saying you are free, or should be free. A great example of how ideology corrupts is in the Chinese movie Warlords (at least I thought so when I saw the movie 5 years ago). In the movie Jet Li is an idealistic and morally determined character in the beginning. He becomes friends with some bandits who aren’t as moral initially. They don’t care about ideologies, they just wanna live their way. In the end of the movie Jet Li’s character becomes corrupted by the inability of his idealism to handle reality and he becomes the bad guy. One of the bandits becomes the good guy.

So fuck all ideologies, and fuck Kunt (pun intended, maybe).





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