The Social Contract and the Heart of the Conspiracy

The concept of the Social Contract is that people unconsciously sign a contract as they are born into society to obey the norms of said society. It has been argued by many in the conspiracy community and opponents of Statism that such a contract does not exist. I’m not so sure I agree.

I don’t recall signing any social contract upon birth, nor after it, yet I’m going to argue that the majority of people do. Those people are the heart of the conspiracy which governs society. They’re certainly not the brains, though. More than the shadowy secret societies, intelligence communities, political marriages which can be detected influencing things from the background, yet never quite being able to be pin-pointed as to what their real nature is, the unwashed masses are what give life to the conspiracy. The secret conspirators are there merely to direct it.

Modern life is rubbish. Society is a lie. Civilization is a conspiracy against nature. Deep down Joe Public knows it, yet he has signed the social contract with the devil to ignore reality; to contribute to the noise of civilization to cover the truth with nonsense. Civilized society is a Utopian dream at best, a horrible Dystopian hell covered with colourful curtains to obscure the truth at worst. No matter be the civilization our modern global one, ancient Chinese or Roman, Christian or Muslim medieval civilization. It makes little difference. It always has the surface of veracity and wholesomeness, but the pleasant visage of being civilized is always contrasted by the flip-side of oppression, lies and suffering. Deep down the public knows this. The elite controlling and oppressing the public may not realize it as much as the public does. Yet they have given their consent to play their role in this movie or play called civilization.¬† “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances”.

Nothing gets you more enemies than telling the truth. The reason why people get angry and aghast by various revelations about the impropriety of socially esteemed figures is not due the impropriety, but the inability of the people to hide it. People are not angry at the NSA for spying on them, but because the NSA broke the social contract by failing to keep their actions secret. People are not disgusted at pedophile priests and politicians for molesting children, but their inability to hide it. Same goes for most scandals such as Watergate. While incidents such as the JFK assassination and 9/11 are clearly inside job conspiracies, the elite have been able to muddy the waters enough for the masses to pretend plausible deniability.

All of society is a sick dance on the part of the masses that want their illusions, their fake pleasures and achievements provided by the movies along with the pain and the failures, which are equally fake. Their partner is the shadowy conspirators who they hire or summon to entertain them. The masses are not deluded because of years of manipulation and social engineering, it is the other way around; they want to be asleep so they allow any snake oil salesman that comes by to have their go. The sleep of reason produces monsters.

The notion that people are innocent little babies who are corrupted by the evil Illuminati is wrong. The people are the ones who willingly enable the Illuminati to exist. They summon the demon from the dark abyss. This is exoteric Luciferianism in my understanding. I understand Luciferianism as the religious or ideological desire to supplant the natural with the artificial in an attempt to make man into God. Civilization desired by the masses is never holistic nor natural. It is based on black magic, i.e. forgoing important steps of the natural process to create something artificial, such as building a house without a solid foundation. As with all black magic it can work for a while, but it will crumble eventually.

If “they” wrote the social contract and I didn’t, what makes me different then? I don’t know. All I know I always felt oppressed, conspired against, by society long before I heard anything about the Illuminati, Freemasons or even the military industrial complex. For a kid growing up in the nineties the conspiracy was simply society with it’s countless minions. I’m not sure whether signing the contract is done at birth on a spiritual level, or whether it’s done some moment at youth, a decision for a moment of glory, or even a moment of peace, in exchange for your soul. Everyone feels oppressed by society at some point, but perhaps the difference between those who sign the social contract and those who do not is the decision to accept the artificial and man-made ephemeral laws, or natural laws, real within their hearts.


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