What sort of world would I want to live in?

I usually bitch about the countless things that are wrong with people, society and the world. Well, I just like bitching about things that suck. But let’s look at things from another angle; what sort of world would I wanna see.

I’d like to live in a world where people can be who they really are, and discover what they are, meaning if someone is an asshole they can be an asshole, and if someone is a saint that is OK too. And of course if others don’t like the asshole they can make their opinion known and take steps to not have to suffer the presence of said asshole. For this to be possible people would have to be able to communicate with each other honestly without worrying about the latest social engineering program that says you mustn’t criticize a certain faction, ethnic, religious or political group or popular fad, and get rid of the programs that say you must not be interested in this or that phenomenon or you are crazy.

I’d like for people, and the society surrounding them, to be authentic. This means the way they deal with reality and the problems it sometimes causes has to be natural too, instead of artificial ways. For example the way human communities divide resources can be a problem, or at least a challenge. Nowadays the seemingly best solution is to use money to make sure everyone gets at least something, and they can have some influence over what they get. At least it’s better than any totalitarian solution where the state dictates what you get. Still, money is a really bad way of handling it, and an artificial solution.

I wanna live in a world without money or a government (or any other artificial institution telling people how to live). Yet, of course, it would lead to even bigger problems if we were to try to design a society with certain prerequisites such as the absence of money. Money is an artificial, man-made middleman that gets in the way of human interaction. Replacing it with another artificial middleman would not be better, like ice hockey. Now society says “you don’t have enough money in your bank account, you have to be homeless”. It would not be an improvement if society said “you have not scored any goals in ice hockey during last month so you have to be homeless”. Equally artificial, and equally silly.

The solution to this problem is not to have any particular ideology, that includes (or rather excludes) ideologies that say that you mustn’t have money, or government. Let’s just live. Most animals can do it without great efforts, including mammals which includes humans. The only caveat is that we have to live as real living beings, animals. Human beings are animals, and the word “animal” is derived from Latin “anima” which means soul. Quite contradictorily people have for a long time wanted to separate themselves from the rest of the animal “kingdom”, and attested we have souls and they don’t. An animal by definition has, or is, a soul. Human’s who wish to separate themselves from it, separate themselves from life in order to become robotic, losing their souls and accepting programming. This programming can be anything from traditional Christianity or materialistic Atheism and Darwinism to any lame-ass political ideology. Long story short, you know how to live. Stop complicating it with crap you learned from so called intellectual or religious authorities.

Let’s get back to the contradiction that I want to live in a world without money or governments, yet I don’t want to advocate any ideology that promotes those ideas. How to deal with it? I think a town in Alaska may be on the right track. The town of Talkeetna has had a cat for a mayor for 16 years, and it seems to be working for them. This might be the right approach. Instead of viewing these ancient, and in many ways oppressive, habits of humanity as something to oppose fervently, maybe we have to accept they are there, but not take them seriously. We can have money, but understand it’s a toy. Doesn’t matter if it’s gold, silver, plastic or Bitcoin. We can have a world government, but let’s crown a plastic hamster as the emperor of the world. Money and government (and countless other human habits of behaviour and belief) are completely stupid and unnecessary, but if you aggravate the proponents of such silly ideas you’ll create more conflict. By believing that Statism or Capitalism, or Crony Capitalism, is so evil you inflate their importance beyond what it actually is. The problem is not any particular ideology, but the notion that an ideology can be superior to reality or another fake ideology.

I want to live in a world that is out of control.



Mayor of Alaskan Town Is a Cat: http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304500404579127644142609328


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