The Earth is Flat!

Last night I saw a Truther Girls video on Youtube featuring Arron the Barbarian, husband of truther girl Sonya. The video was called “Why Do People Think The Earth Is Flat?”. Unsurprisingly they were discussing the flat earth issue. Arron said he was taking seriously the claims that the earth is flat. Yes, some people still believe the earth is flat. Silly as it might sound, I reminded myself that most things that people believe are stupid and wrong, especially the most popular beliefs, so why not consider the possibility that the earth might be flat. Besides, Arron is a wise man, and a bit crazy, so if he’s looking into it, there might be something to it.

According to my understanding the standard modern flat earth theory claims the earth is shaped as it is depicted on the United Nations logo. Around the edges are high walls of ice. The North Pole would be in the center and Antarctica maybe doesn’t exist then? At least planes don’t fly over Antarctica so there’s something there people don’t want to see.


I’m not so convinced by the flat earth theory itself, but there are some details worth highlighting. One of them is the claim that the earth does not move or revolve around the sun, or anything. The earth is stationary and it is the heavens that move. I find that an intriguing notion. In modern times we’re all indoctrinated by the idea that the earth moves and revolves around stuff from childhood, and we’re told our stupid, superstitious ancestors thought the earth doesn’t move. We learn it so young, we never even think to question it. I’m not saying the earth doesn’t move, I’m saying I don’t know, and I haven’t questioned it before, but I should. We all should. How do we know what the scientists are telling us is true? Where’s the empirical evidence? I don’t have much faith in their theoretical calculation or consensus that it does. That is not science.

There’s one scientific experiment from the 19th century by George Biddell Airy that supposedly proves the earth doesn’t move. Something to do with tilting a telescope and putting water into it. It’s called Airy’s Failure, the failure meaning that his experiment failed to prove that the earth is moving. Flat earthers claim it proved just the opposite. I won’t explain it in detail since I don’t really understand it that well, I’ll add some links in the bottom.

For the flat earth theory to be true, there would have to be a vast conspiracy hiding facts about the shape of the earth, and distorting images from probes sent into space and pictures taken by astronauts. I already believe that’s true, I just don’t know what they are actually hiding so it’s not a stretch to say they could be hiding the flatness of the earth.

However, I’m not so convinced by the flat earth thing. I’m more pleased by the rebellious attitude of flat earthers. Later last night I discovered the channel of a guy called Steven Christ. He claims, or as I interpret his explanation, is that the earth like a snow globe. The earth, the ground, is flat, according to him I think, but the sky is literally made glass. A dome. There are huge chunks of ice hanging from the glass, and sometimes they fall. They are called Megacryometeors. It is sort of like we are living in the hollow earth, or the earth is like a Dyson Sphere. The difference to a Dyson Sphere is that the sun is not in the middle, but on top. Also the stars and space is not vast and infinite. According to Steven Christ the stars are really small. They are swimming in ether, which I think flat earthers also think.

I’m not sure how realistic this model is, but I do think it’s fascinating. The idea that there is a glass dome covering the earth is so crazy I cannot help think it might be true. And the ice. I’ve been bombarded by various claims of a new ice age. Especially on Red Ice Creations they have had a couple of guests talk about it, and some articles probably too. This winter has been really cold. Even the crappy movie Day After Tomorrow predicted a new ice age.

Another fascinating idea about Steven Christ’s model is that the heavens are quite different to what we are told. That’s what I’ve been puzzling over as of late too. Perhaps outer space does not exist as such, but what we see with telescopes is a visual representation of something intellectually distant for us. I once heard someone describe that the huge distances we perceive to exist between stars may be a physical representation of our distance from them spiritually. In old times magicians, prophets and shamans used to go into the astral (meaning star) plane to commune with spirits and stuff. Astrology describes heavenly bodies as wielding great influence over our lives based on their movement, as if it was great cosmic machinery that runs things on earth. As above, so below. Or rather, if we think of the world as computer simulation, the Matrix or something, the astral plane could represent the code, the program, which tells the visual things on the screen, i.e. the physical, what to do.

Perhaps I’m just crazy for entertaining these ideas, but at least I am crazy by myself. The difference between crazy and not crazy is that what the masses believe is sane, if you believe something else you are crazy. I may not understand complicated physics that well, but I do understand social habits of people, and by observing people and society I have noticed two things; 1. People tend to believe what is popular, and things are made popular by repetition. Truth plays little part in the process. 2. The beliefs of the people are usually, and especially in today’s world, really fucked up and wrong. For these two reasons I will proudly question the cultural memes on the shape of the earth and its behaviour in the cosmos.


Why Do People Think The Earth Is Flat?:


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George Biddell Airy:

The Earth is Flat 100% Proof Pt 1:

Steven Christ:



5 thoughts on “The Earth is Flat!”

    1. I have. I feel silly I said that. You think the earth is concave. I think your ideas are fascinating, and someone should conduct more experiments on them.

  1. flat or concave, the fact that seems to remain is that we are being lied to, for the interests of a very few ‘chosen ones’ that want to play god with our world and everyone in it.

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