The Djinn World Order

I heard about Rosemary Ellen Guiley a couple of years ago. She’s been researching paranormal stuff for 30 years. Her most intriguing stuff is her work on the djinn. I read her book The Vengeful Djinn soon after I discovered Guiley. The djinn are of course supernatural beings of Arabic and Islamic (and pre-Islamic) lore. Although according to Guiley they are not limited to the Middle-East. European description of fairies matches that of the djinn to a great deal (and fairy encounters bear a lot of similarity to ET encounters).

The djinn are the Hidden Ones. They live thousands of years (as will their agendas). They are shapeshifters. They might remind you of the reptilians, and they should. Rosemary Ellen Guiley’s new book (but probably not the newest) is called The Djinn Connection: The Hidden Links Between Djinn, Shadow People, ETs, Nephilim, Archons, Reptilians and Other Entities. I haven’t read it yet, but the title seems self-explanatory, meaning all of those beings are connected to the djinn in some way, or might be different personas of the djinn. I’ve always had problems with the reptilian story à la David Icke. I thought there is truth to it, but something is missing, and the missing link might be the djinn. To be fair I discovered Guiley through David Icke’s website.

None of this info about the djinn and other entities is new for me, like I said. I heard about couple of years ago, but for some reason now it’s starting to make sense in the bigger picture, I guess. Maybe I’m just letting go of that nagging self-doubt and skepticism regarding all of this crazy spirit and paranormal stuff.

What does the New World Order have to do with this then? I’ve never really accepted the New World Order narrative. Just as with the reptilians, something was missing. While it is obvious the New World Order announced by George Bush senior on 9/11 1991, mentioned by many others since, and advertised by Alex Jones ad nauseam, is a “thing”, it’s probably what everybody thinks it is. It is also obvious that the world is heading to a global Orwellian or Huxleyan Brave New World dystopian prison, but I’ve never agreed that it is the final product. It was always supposed to be one phase in the plan, though a very big and important phase. I think the so called Illuminati want the people to be aware of the iniquity of our system and its leaders (à la Externalization of the Hierarchy). As is indicated by the Snowden Affair. There’s gonna be oppression and suffering, death and atrocity, but the New World Order will be defeated, and that is the plan.

After the destruction of the NWO the real Djinn World Order can arise. The blue-beam fake alien invasion may be part of this. Perhaps they bring fake ETs to save us and tell us they are the Elohim, Annunaki or the ancient astronauts, and they are our space brothers and are here to help us. They’re more likely to be human-djinn hybrids. Maybe there won’t be any alien invasion/ disclosure event. It could be the fake global messiah scenario. It could merely be a secular political faction with a nice and cozy philosophy. It might be a combination of all scenarios. But the game plan is that they make humanity suffer and struggle for survival, and we manage to beat them. After that they want people to lay on their asses, twiddling their thumbs while they bring on a new deception that sounds sweet, feels squishy and warm so people buy it. And it will seem really tempting. It will seem like there is no downside to accepting whatever they are offering. But be aware the true conflict is a spiritual one. We must reject whatever magical snake oils they have and hold on to whatever each individuals deems righteous and holy.

This might sound religious or something, but it’s not. I’m sure the djinn have a practical agenda from their point of view, and it isn’t to conquer humanity with tanks, planes and surveillance cameras. What that agenda is though, is a mystery. It might merely be Matrix-esque human farming for energy. Maybe the djinn want to change the nature of our reality in some way to allow them to exist on our vibration, or something-ish. Maybe they just wanna rule the earth with their deception. They still probably wouldn’t do it openly since they are the Hidden Ones, they’d more likely pretend to be the space brothers or reptilians overlords. Don’t buy into the Harry Potter hype.

The New World Order has been called Satanic, or Luciferian. Lucifer was the light-bringer, also the Biblical account of fallen angels and stuff is similar to some story about fallen djinn. Prometheus stole fire from the gods, and the torch is a common “brotherhood” symbol, such as the Statue of Liberty or the Olympic torch. The djinn were created of smokeless fire. There’s gotta be some sort of connection, right?



Rosemary E Guiley interview:


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