Infiltration and Watering Down of the Truth Movement

As of late I’ve run into a few observations about the “Truth Movement” (I hate the label but meh [I also dislike meh]), how a lot of people are just fakes and in it for the fear porn and attention. I’m not really surprised. As anything gets popular enough it will attract all sorts of parasites to feed off of the popularity. It happens to every cultural movement, subculture, ideology and lifestyle. At first something is new, weird and revolutionary. In the beginning it’s obscure and ignored, then more people find out about it, and they begin to oppose and ridicule it. However, if the movement persists some people begin to notice there’s profit to be had it. This might mean financial profit, emotional profit or social profit. Then there’s an influx of parasites into the movement who try to water it down to suit their lukewarm nature. They’re in it for the party, not the essence, the deeper principle behind it.

Gandhi said: “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.” However he forgot to add; “then they infiltrate you and try corrupt what you stood for.” Speaking of Indian stuff, there was a small museum in the Incheon airport in South Korea. It had some historical excerpts on early Buddhism. It was said that the Buddhist monasteries originated simply as communities for the early Buddhists who were not accepted into society. As Buddhism grew more popular the communities morphed into more formalized monasteries, and become corrupt. Reading the description there at the airport really made me feel like the early Buddhists were alternative, philosophically minded hippies who rejected the artificiality of society, but the movement was devoured by the masses to be part of their culture. Also fairly recently a guest on Red Ice radio commented on the early Buddhists that they actively challenged many beliefs of society and confronted people to question their beliefs, opposed to now when Buddhists simply want to remain quiet and distant from reality.

The same process can be seem in countless cases. I mentioned hippies, and certainly it applies to them too. Originally they were anti-war, anti-consumerism, but then they were infiltrated by party hungry masses who just wanted free sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. The same could apply to Christianity, except they’ve become the opposite of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Take the punk and anarchy movement of the seventies, and nowadays Avril Lavigne and Blink-182 are called punk. Or the rave parties of early nineties Europe. They used to be illegal, with drugs and stuff, but that too was watered down to legal stuff. Apparently the term rave originates from the Beatniks of the fifties. This corruption and watering down has affected even the video game culture. I’ve played computer and video games all my life, and back in the early nineties my kind were shunned by jocks and other proper people. Yet nowadays almost everyone plays some sort of video games on their phones, the jocks have their EA sports games and so on, and video games have become big business, which means that notions such as fun and creativity is often disregarded by committees that simply try to ram in enough popular trends to make a game that sells. I see the emergence of the first Playstation console as the major influence in popularizing video games. I’m not blaming Playstation, it was a great console, but look at Playstation 3 and 4…

So in short, whenever a small group of people come up with something neat, and they make it last, a bigger group of people will want to take a shit all over it. What can we do about it? I guess we simply have to persevere. Those who see a deeper meaning in Truth, than mere an excuse to party, must hold on to the truth, and expose the frauds when they pop up. Eventually, hopefully, they will die out and move onto another trend to parasite off of, and leave those of us who are concerned with the truth to explore it. The conspiracy culture, as well as spirituality and New Agey stuff, is becoming a fairly popular subculture in our world, which means it will and has attracted all sorts of people. It has been infiltrated, and by that I don’t simply mean infiltrated by governments and their likes, but by people who naturally are parasitic. People who only want to have their Bacchanalia or Saturnalia. To party all night wearing the latest trend t-shirt, which right now is “9/11 was an Inside Job”, and then move on to the next trend. Those people cannot see the deeper meaning in things. They are distressed by it, but they recognize the power a new idea, a new way of doing things has and they want to have it for themselves. To do that they have to water it down, to dumb it down to their level.

I read a great article comparing the original Robocop movie to the new one. The old one had heart, and some deeper meaning to it, but the new one (even though I haven’t even seen it I have a hard time believing it could be good) is merely a hollow shell of the old one. Some people only see the shell and therefore only care about the shell.



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