Collectivist Violation

I just watched a video by G. Edward Griffin called How Socialism, Communism, Fascism are All the Same. He criticized collectivism and I felt like I wanna have fun bitching about the idiocy of collectivism too.

Collectivism is concerned about the Greater Good™. The rights of the group surpass the rights of the individual. Or as the Vulcans in Star Trek state it: The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

Let’s explore what this means. Two wolves and a sheep voting what’s for dinner embodies collectivist ideas. Also if two guys see a girl walking late at night and feel horny, the girl has to service the needs of the many or she is simply evil and selfish. A country with a population of 10,000 wants the natural resources of a country of 1000, so it is their right to go get them.

Now you might argue that that’s not how it works, I’m just trying to pick a fight, and I am. Because that’s not how collectivism actually works, even though according to their philosophy it’s supposed to work like that. Two guys can’t just rape a girl, despite their needs outweighing the needs of the girl, because there are laws to protect people. Yes and no. There are laws to protect the interests of the state, or whatever abstract construct is supposed to rule over the collectivist society. The collectivist demon does not care for the rights of any individuals, rather it cares about the condition of their property. The girl is the property of the state, as are the two aspiring rapists. Two individuals do not possess the right to rape another without the mandate of the state. However, if such a mandate exists, rape is allowed, such as in ancient times in some places the king had the right to have his way with a girl the night before her marriage, supposedly. The TSA in the US has the mandate of the state to violate and rape people. Killing others is forbidden too, as they are property of the collective, unless the state declares war.

Any non-aggression principle rarely seems to applies to collectivists. For them someone is to be praised and protected when he or she benefits the values of the collective, if they don’t do so, or hinder the collective, they deserve any aggression coming their way. This applies to communists, fascists, statists, modern leftists, socialists and totalitarian humanists (as Keith Preston calls them).

The insanity, and why collectivism is a disease, and not simply an opinion on how people should organize themselves, is that it is based on constructed delusions. The will of the collective is never some harmonious understanding between all individuals, as it is for the Borg in Star Trek (at least before the Queen was invented). It is usually the will of a small oligarchical group leading the collective. If such a group does not exist, the collectivism would be pure insanity. Supporting any collectivist ideology is simply the act of selling one’s soul, and relinquishing responsibility to some nebulous authority.

Any human community is a collective of individuals, and as such you are morally responsible for others to some degree, but what collectivists do is try to abdicate the responsibility for a quick fix so they can be mindless minions of the herd to benefit from it. The human collective does exist, but it ends and begins with the individual, and individual responsibility.



How Socialism, Communism, Fascism are All the Same:


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