Yellow Peril

I have a conspiracy theory about the origins of the Yellow Peril idea. It was major motivator in the imperialistic practices of Western powers in the Orient in the 19th century. It was feared the Chinese, Japanese and other yellow races would take over Europe, so the rise of Asia must be curbed before it gets too strong, or something like that. While it would be easy to dismiss the Yellow Peril idea as a mere excuse to go steal the natural resources of Asian countries, there might be more behind the idea.

I (conspiracy) theorize that The Power That Be (or Were) in Europe back then predicted the rise of Asia with Astrology or some other occult means of divination, and were actually threatened by it. They understood they could not stop it, so the rulers of Europe set out to hi-jack and distort the whole thing.

If we look at East-Asia now, it is growing in importance on the global scale. China is getting more powerful economically and politically. Japanese and Korean pop culture is becoming more popular world wide. Yet there’s something fake and superficial about all of it. All of those countries have been Westernized in one way or another, and they didn’t even really ask for it. China was destabilized by Western powers for over a hundred years before Maoism at least brought it stability. Korea was split apart by Western ideas of communism and “freedom”, and Western powers behind them. Japan was the easiest to convince to Westernize itself, yet they too were coerced into it by Commodore Perry.

China’s current state is quite rotten, as everyone knows, and Western corporations use Chinese workers to make them their products. South Korea’s pop music and TV dramas are quite popular, but also superficial usually. Japanese pop culture is more varied at least, with some superficial stuff, some deep stuff, and some weird stuff. What I’m getting at here is that all of them have more to offer, but due to various circumstances the less important factors in each culture has gained more coverage than the meaningful stuff.

According to my conspiracy theory, people across the world would have been attracted by the true Asian energies, whatever they are, and probably are attracted by them, but they are distracted by the superficial crap that was put there by imperialism, wars and Westernization. Asia is pulsating a type of energy that we crave, but a hive of corruption has been planted at the source so what they put out and what we consume becomes corrupted.

That’s how I see it, and how I’m trying to understand my relationship with Asia having lived a few years there. On one hand I love it and I wanna be immersed by it, but on the other I despise all of the Gangnam Style fashion pop crap and fake cheery smiles with no substance. I know they can do better.


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