Why is it so difficult to accept that assassinations do happen?

Every now and then it’s reported in the media that someone died of a suicide. At other times people die in “accidents”. There may be a mention that “no foul play was detected”, or not even that. And you’re expected to believe the story at face value, not wonder about who might benefit from their death, or how can they be so certain it was suicide or accident. That’s the thing which has always annoyed me to no end, that they act as if it was written in stone; “it was suicide. Nothing to see here. *yawn* Move along.” Do people really believe that stuff, or do they just pretend to out of fear of being labeled a conspiracy cook?

People do die in accidents, and they do sometimes commit suicides, but it has always bothered me it’s the default assumption when someone dies. When someone dies in a suicide, I think you should always suspect it was a murder first, if you cannot find evidence to support the theory, then call it a suicide. Assassinations do happen, people are killed due political or financial motivations. It is a practice as old a civilization itself. Deal with it!

I think the reason why people would rather believe that someone has committed suicide than they’ve been murdered is that it makes them feel more secure in their world view. They like to think of the world as “civilized” and pretend certain kinds of crimes don’t exist, or they’re rare. It is more comfortable to think someone simply felt unhappy and killed himself. Another reason, of course, why attention is not drawn to assassinations, even when they are obvious, is that the people who practice assassinating as a way of doing business don’t want you to look at their illicit activities. Therefore they try to propose alternative scenarios to steer you away. Still that is not to say that the “Illuminati” or any other vast conspiracy is behind every assassination, instead murdering others to get them out of the way has been practiced by politicians, businessmen and other practitioners of criminality for aeons. Some of them belong to large organizations or secret societies, others are “small time” criminals.

For me, I guess it’s the opposite to most people. I feel more secure in my world view when I found someone has been assassinated. It reminds me of the sick and hypocritical nature of civilization (note: not of all human interaction, rather this social construct we are expected to believe). Yet I am not abhorred by the idea that some people want to kill themselves. Believe me, its not new to me. If someone really wants to commit suicide, I’m happy to allow them the freedom to do so. However, framing someone’s murder as a suicide detracts value both from the life of the person murdered but also of people who truly have committed suicide.

The textbook example of “suicided” people, i.e. people who were murdered but it was framed as suicide, was David Kelly, the UK weapons expert who “committed suicide” in 2003. I think I’ve bitched about him before, but his death was so obviously murder you have to be a fucking idiot not to see it. I’m using the word “idiot” here in the sense of being ignorant of the facts how the world works, or as Wikipedia states: “having bad judgment in public and political matters”.

I was, however, driven to write this semi-rant by the recent “suicide” of the CEO of Bitcoin Autumn Radtke. I’m not a fan of Bitcoin, but it seems like Bitcoin had been a victim of some sort of conspiracy to drive it down as of late. Maybe, maybe not. That would certainly give Radtke a motivation to commit suicide, and I think suicide in this case might even be what happened. However, out of respect for Radtke as a human being, and out of general decency we should first assume she was murdered. Since it is conceivable she was, and there is bound to be someone who benefited from her death. I think it is prudent to give her the credit that the work she had done was good enough to get her killed for whatever reason. Also out of the desire for justice, we should not let the criminals, if such people exist in this case, escape. If however it is proven beyond reasonable doubt, or whatever, that she was not murdered then it is prudent to say she committed suicide.

It just strikes as fucking odd they can even put the words “unnatural death” and “suicide” in the same article. Then again, I’m a crazy conspiracy nut. Pay no heed to what I say.



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