Lose your Anchor

We feel comfortable being anchored to a belief system or a cultural identity group. We shouldn’t. Kick away the anchor and let the waves take you where they may.

Let’s take something like 9/11 for example. According to the culture most of up grew up in, before 9/11 in the nineties the government was there for the people. It may have not been perfect, the government may have made mistakes, but they always “tried their best”. We were anchored to that world view. It was unfathomable the government would ever murder its citizens only to justify more theft and murder elsewhere. However, as those with an ounce of courage and half-a-brain looked at the evidence, it was hard to come to any conclusion other than the above-mentioned had in fact happened. Then you begin gradually drift away from the anchor, but you are still anchored to a certain belief system.

You hear theories on 9/11 such as there were no planes; they were holograms. The WTC towers were brought down by energy weapons, not explosives, thermite nor jet fuel. According to the world view we absorbed in the nineties, those things too are quite unfathomable. So we reject them simply because it doesn’t fit into the fictional mythology in our minds. I don’t think we should.

However (there is always a however), many of us, as we start to recognize the falseness of the old belief system, and we reject it, as we should, we want to find a new belief system. A new point to attach the anchor. That we should not do. We may reject the old flawed beliefs and detach the anchor, but then we adapt a conspiracy tradition. It’s always the most “crazy” explanation. It must have been holograms, it must have been energy weapons. We adopt the explanation which opposes the conventional view the most. We should not.

Let go of any anchor. Otherwise you won’t be intellectually or spiritually free. Float in your little boat in the vast ocean of craziness. Let the waves guide you, yet don’t throw away the oars. Don’t be  a victim of fate. You’ll need to exert your own power when you see the little island you wanna visit, or when you have to fend off sharks with frickin’ lasers.

The point which exists there to fix your anchor at was usually put there by somebody else in the first place. If you let them fool you into anchoring at their port, you fall under the particular delusion they are selling. You let them script your reality. That is not to say you should ignore advice or guides, it merely means don’t buy the whole package. No-one will ever tell you the whole truth, but it does not mean they cannot tell you important bits of it.

I’m all for craziness. I do think the most crazy explanation is often less false then the seemingly sane one. For me, though, being anchored to something is too normal, which is the wrong type of crazy. I wanna go off the deep end and beyond. The truth is always more crazy than you can theorize in your conspiracies or philosophies, Horatio.

You also shouldn’t think I am promoting some New Age “create your own reality by merely sitting on your ass and ignoring reality”. That’s clearly a something someone else constructed for you to anchor yourself to.


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