Trinity of Action

This is my attempt at defining three different types of action one should engage in to live properly and sanely: Observe, Reject and Express.

Observe means you should observe your environment. This applies both to your immediate environment and the global environment. If you’re walking down the street you should be paying attention so you won’t be run over by a car running a red light. When cooking in your kitchen you should be paying attention you don’t forget to turn off the stove and make your home catch fire. Quite simple. In a global context this means you should be observing what happens in the world, even if you cannot directly affect it. What are the elites and other criminals conspiring against you, what sort of environmental disasters corporations are working on, and so forth. You have to pay attention.

Reject refers to not buying any of the crap they try to sell you. Don’t buy into the hype they try to make out to be the most important thing ever. They spend a lot of time and effort creating Harry Potters, political parties and talking points to distract you. To give you the impression its something that matters. It doesn’t matter, so look away. Although, other things you cannot simply ignore. In that sense you cannot merely reject them, you have to oppose them. Monsanto GMO, RFID chips, the latest war they wanna start. You have to make it known in some way that you not only reject them, but you want to prevent them from happening or spreading.

Express is the most important part of the trinity, however, if you forsake the other two, you cannot express yourself freely. The best universal “rule” for the meaning of life, I can express, is that you are here on this planet to express yourself somehow. It may be the more traditional artistic expression such as painting, music or writing, but there are countless of ways to express your you-ness. Engineers do it by designing interesting new technologies, scientists can reveal new facts about reality, or grandmothers can bake cakes to make their grandchildren happy. All of these are ways of expression. I think we are supposed to leave a mark on this world, your artistic footprint, and not avoiding it like it was some negative “carbon footprint”. Ironically the Global Warming hoax is an expression of somebody’s deceptive abilities. (Even though the popular Global Warming, or Climate Change, that it has suddenly morphed into for some reason, is a hoax, it does not necessarily imply the world isn’t getting warmer, only that the reasons why it is happening are false.)

The distinction between Reject and Express must be made. Some people spend most of their energy “opposing the New World Order”, for example, and they forgo the need to express themselves. In that way they contribute more to expression of the nasty people who want to create the New World Order, instead of creating something better themselves. You are supposed to “oppose the New World Order”, but not stop there. You must not give your life away opposing it, rather oppose it so you can do what you really wanna do. You cannot let the battle define your life. I think this is how we defeat it.

Ultimately all of these conspiracies we are subjected to are about control. Control means you let someone else dictate who you are and what you do. Someone else tries to cajole you into manifesting their expression in place of your own. If you define yourself as someone who is here to fight the NWO or the Illuminati, then you let them define you. We’re supposed to go beyond it. It is not our goal to defeat the New World Order; the NWO is merely a hurdle we must bypass on the road to doing what we really want. The goal is to contribute to this world with your personal artistic expression. The NWO wants to prevent you from doing it, therefore it must be defeated, not because it’s somehow noble to fight such a grand enemy.

You must Observe the world to know all of the bad, and good, stuff in it. You must Reject the pointless crap, and oppose the harmful. Then you can Express yourself freely.


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