Too much extremism, not enough criticism in the “Truth Movement”

There’s too much jumping to conclusion based on a little evidence in the “Truth Movement” or conspiracy theorist community. Whenever someone says something another person disagrees with they’ve labeled disinfo, controlled opposition or worse. Youtube has dime a dozen videos “exposing” Alex Jones as controlled opposition. I can very well understand why people are suspicious of him, since Infowars seems sometimes more interested in their business revenue and advertising than telling the truth. However, it’s never that simple, is it. Alex Jones and Infowars has also woken up countless people and put out good information. I don’t feel qualified to make any final judgement on Alex Jones whether in his heart he is a good or a bad guy. I can only look at facts available and go from there.

This is why the post includes “not enough criticism” in the title. Alex Jones should be criticized for the dubious stuff he’s done, yet if you see someone doing something suspicious you shouldn’t automatically default to the “he’s controlled opposition NWO Illuminati co-intelpro disinfo” programmed reaction. There is plenty of co-intelpro controlled opposition out there to be sure, and it’s easy to see through some of them, but not all. Even so, it’s rather counterproductive to go accusing others without sufficient evidence. People sometimes make mistakes, they make bad choices, or simply say things you disagree with. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are utterly corrupt.

I see some of the “truthers” exposing Alex Jones as a shill, shills themselves. It’s the easiest way to give you the image of being a bona fide Truth Warrior and act all bad ass by sort of pointing out some obvious flaws in Alex Jones. Others who attack Jones this way may be genuine, people who want to contribute to the community, but don’t have any idea what to do so they can at least get some attention by criticizing Alex Jones.

And here I am saying Alex Jones should be criticized for some things, but keep a balanced view. And show some respect, unless you truly know somehow he is not who he claims to be. I’m not a great Alex Jones fan. I’m not saying this because of any personal sentiment for him or the Infowars. I occasionally watch their videos and visit the Infowars website, but on an average day I don’t.

Last year the scandal about David Icke being at the Groucho club emerged. I’m not sure if it’s true or not, though. There’s also been controversy over the lack of transparency over the People’s Voice channel funding. And Icke did hang around with Russell Brand, at least, whether or not they were together at the Groucho club. All of this makes me suspicious of David Icke to say the least. I think he has sort of lost his way, and I’d like to see more constructive criticism of Icke’s actions. However, I’m not willing to throw out all of the good stuff he’s done over the years just yet. Even though the Moon Matrix… well, it seems like something that popped into his head and he wished it would be correct. At least he put out info about the moon that was new for me, such as it probably being hollow and artificial. This info wasn’t new, I think Jim Marrs had written about it long before Icke. Ingo Swann’s Penetration also talks about the moon. Yet even though Icke wasn’t really at the cutting edge of alternative research on this, he did make information not known to everybody spread further.

Let’s be more critical and more respectful, ‘mmkay.


We have to grow around Transhumanism

Transhumanism is the idea of merging man with machine to become something greater. This can be achieved in different ways such as implanting us with microchips or with cybernetic limbs, or uploading human consciousness into a computer. Or perhaps transhumanists just want to get rid of humanity once and for all to give reign to super AI as depicted in the Matrix and Terminator movies.

I have get some things out of the way first. I kinda like the term “transhuman”, if you take it in a Nietzschean übermensch way that we should spiritually evolve from the slave state we are in now. I like various kinds of science fiction and therefore having cybernetic limbs and stuff like that has some aesthetic appeal to me. I like cyberpunk created (at least to a degree) by William Gibson. I used to like the Borg on Star Trek: The Next Generation, but then Voyager violated them. Multiple times. However, those things are fictional, and if I like something to happen in works of fiction, such as various kinds of bloody murder on Game of Thrones, does not mean I would advocate it in real life.

The most obvious objection to all of this combining ourselves with machines is that someone would undoubtedly use it to control us. Most likely the people offering us all of these “enhancements”. Countless conspiracy researchers have commented on this, and I have little to add.

Some of these transhuman improvements might be beneficial, such as offering a prosthetic arm to someone who has lost their arm. Who knows, maybe even microchipping people could be a good thing, if used responsibly. I must stress though that we are light-years away from that scenario. We all know what sort of evil bastards are running this planet. We step away from using technology and cybernetic as a useful tool to help the disabled, however, if and when we think a healthy body needs technological improvement.

Transhumanism, as pandered by Kurzweil and his ilk, is based on a faulty assumption, which is that man becoming machine would improve him. I can relate to the notion that we are a spirit trapped in a body, which limits us, and we want to go beyond that. However the transhuman solution would enslave us even further. It is a materialist answer to a spiritual problem arising due to our material part. The transhuman merging with machine would enslave us further to the material, not liberate us. A cybernetic brain might allow us to think faster, or artificial limbs make us stronger, but ultimately they are mere gimmicks. The solution to this problem is not to mutilate the body with improvements, but to accept it as it is. Then you can find out you can actually do more than your feeble body allows you to. Men can move mountains and masses of millions of people. And it isn’t really thanks to technology, but due to will.

Transhumanism isn’t really a new thing. Transhumanism is merely the contemporary manifestation of an older trend, which is to become digital from the analog state of nature. The conflict between the organic and the artificial. Just in last few decades most of technology has shifted from analog to digital. It seems we are reaching the culmination of someone’s Great Work (even though I don’t know if this trend has really anything to do with Freemasons, but I would wager it does). This transhuman ideal wishes to turn life itself from spontaneous and organic to something scripted and predictable. Ultimately this has nothing to do with the outer, physical world, but it wants to replace the natural archetypes in our consciounesses with artificial ones.

In my interpretation this is, as I have written previously, Luciferianism. Transhumanism is nothing but Luciferianism with a sci-fi slant. I’m not the first to say this, but I can say I sort of reached the conclusion on my own, at least. Luciferianism is basically the notion that man created God, instead of God creating man. God here, does not refer to any Christian or other religious notion, it simply refers to the underlying natural principle in creation. Perhaps we could substitute God with nature is this sense, or say that nature is a perceivable manifestation of the divine principle called God. In this sense, it is logical only to conclude that God created man, and not vice versa. The Luciferians want to screw with the natural order of things, to make creation in their image, to make God in their own image.

I see this artificiality in the minds of men having existed for millennia, growing stronger as time goes on. It is not a new thing, but I guess we can say it has evolved into modernity.

The solution to free us from Luciferian artificial transhumanism is not to reject it unconditionally. We are all already transhuman to a degree. Mac Tonnies, author of Cryptoterrestrials and a transhumanist, said that if you drive a car, you are a transhumanist. If that is true, then certainly we are transhuman if we use a computer. Yet that is not certainly any cause to give up and let Kurzweil infect us with his nanobots. We have to grow around the partial transhuman in us. That is what life does. Machines and computers understand only 1 or 0. Living things have a whole rainbow of options to choose from. Like a plant growing through asphalt, it might not be the most pleasant environment for it, but the plant merely bites his allegorical teeth and says “fuck it”.

Neptune, Horses and Tridents

Seems like the theme this year in symbolism is as the title says Neptune, horses and tridents. Mark Gray connected Flight 370 and the Sochi Olympics to this as well in his Red Ice interview. For years now I’ve been seeing all of this “Illuminati symbolism” in places, and the alternative media points it out where-ever it is found. The question I, and countless others, have been asking is, of course, why is it there, what does it mean? Since the symbolism is so prevalent when know to look for it, it must mean something, but that’s as far as we can normally go.  Myself included. However, I am not above engaging in idle conjecture, which is what I will do now.

Perhaps this symbolism works on the basis of correlation, or an even weirder for of quantum entanglement. Mark Gray pointed out some gematric connections between Flight 370 and the Sochi Olympics, and also both of them had trident and Poseidon symbolism too. Perhaps, on a deeper level of reality than our common sense has access to, one was used to affect the other. The elements on a consciousness level of the two events are related, such as on the physical level two objects made of iron have a connection of similarity, since they are made of the same element. One possibility is that by affecting Flight 370, someone could have attempted to affect Sochi, or Russia. However, I don’t believe that. I see it more likely that both of them have been used by the same force, faction, secret society to affect a future event. Perhaps to create an event, or affect how we experience the event.

The symbolism used is probably to affect consciousness. Both the consciousness of humanity, and consciousness of nature, of reality, or whatever you wanna call it. Although I would say our consciousness and the so called external, elemental consciousness are definitely related, ultimately possibly even the same, yet on some level they are separate. Yesterday I listened to John B. Wells’ interview with Dr. Judy Wood on Caravan to Midnight. Judy Wood said that 9/11 was an attack on consciousness. Elsewhere John B. Wells conjectured that if the physical world is electricity or affected by electricity, and our thought processes are electric impulses, the should be a connection between the physical world and our thoughts. At least that’s how I interpreted it.

Based on this rambling and conjecture I would say symbols are tools that are used to shape and construct forms in consciousness. The symbolism isn’t inherently good or evil, just as any tool is not good or evil, but what you use it for. The greatest evil in this scenario is our completely lack of understanding when it comes to these tools.

Let’s look at the tools then.  Mark Gray said something like the trident is used to stir the ocean of consciousness. It makes sense. If the consciousness is an ocean, and currently its relatively calm, settled in one state, where it desires to remain until a powerful external stimulus motivates it to shift, the trident might be the tool used to change consciousness. Before 9/11 the consciousness was in one state, then 9/11 happened and consciousness was in chaos and flux for a while, after which it settled in a new state. It seems possible that this is what they are now doing. They might be, in fact, be working on a new 9/11, which does not necessarily imply a new false flag attack, but simply a powerful shock to stir consciousness again.

My previous post was on Wrestlemania XXX, 21-1 and the Beast. I also mentioned Project Bluebeam. Perhaps the shock will be related to ETs, (mostly likely fake in some way). However, during the Superbowl, earlier this year, the was the Maserati trident, Mars symbolism (i.e. war) and they were telling us to “prepare”, they were gonna “strike”.  I don’t really know where all of this is pointing to, and I doubt I have all of the evidence either.

Let’s get back to the trident. Perhaps the trident it the Hindu vajra. The vajra looks a bit similar, yet different to a trident, although there are some trident looking vajras out there is you google pictures with “vajra” and “trident”. The vajra is translated as thunderbolt and diamond. Nobody really knows what it is, and I’ve been fascinated and mystified by it for years. Once I thought it might be a technological device, sort of like the Jaffa staff weapons on Stargate, but I’m less inclined to think it now. The vajra might have had a profane manifestation in Vedic times in the physical world, but it more likely to be an energetic tool inherent to our mindscape. A symbol forged by the gods that can be used to alter reality if you know how to wield it. Perhaps we should learn how to use it, with great care, of course.

Horse is another symbol inherent to this year, since this is the year of the horse in Chinese zodiac, and Neptune was the god of horses, as well as the sea. I might be going out on a limb here (as if this whole post isn’t doing it already), but in Voodoo “horse” means someone who is ridden, or possessed, by a Loa, or spirit. Perhaps, this year will see, or has seen already, a lot of possession by other entities. It might actually be what “they” want to accomplish, to open means for spirits to possess people even more than before.

Yet, I wanna take heed of Dr. Judy Wood’s words and not engage too much in conspiracy theory, instead is I should focus on the evidence. The evidence is the symbolism floating around there; Neptune, trident and horse, probably other stuff too that I didn’t mention. I would say that they are tools to affect consciousness. That seems like a reasonable hypothesis, but I just don’t have any real understanding how they are used, why and to what ends. In regard to that I can only engage in conjecture, since I don’t know if I know that I don’t know. And I don’t know anyone else that really knows either. There is no expert that I can rely on.



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21-1; The Streak vs the Beast

Last Sunday in Wrestlemania 30 Brock Lesnar defeated the Undertaker thereby ending his Wrestlemania winning streak spanning 21 years. I am, naturally, referring to the so called professional wrestling; the WWE. I like wrestling, even though I am not very happy with the current state of affairs in the WWE. I certainly did not expect Lesnar to win, although I was extremely happy to see him do so, for three reasons. First of all I quite like Lesnar, he used to be one of favourites when I originally started watching the WWE a bit over 10 years ago (I hadn’t followed the WWE for many years until I started again a few months ago). I am also pleased to see the WWE script writers doing something surprising. Nobody expected Lesnar to win. I am also happy for the Undertaker. He is free from his responsibility to keep on showing up in Wrestlemania, he is free to retire. I think he looked relieved after the match had finished.

This post is not about wrestling, however. It is about the numbers 21-1 and the Beast. For at least the month before Wrestlemania 30 Brock Lesnar’s manager Paul Heyman and the WWE announcers called Brock Lesnar the Beast, and Heyman was telling how he will conquer the streak. The Beast is supposedly the nickname of Lesnar, but I always found it lame, artificial and unfitting for Lesnar. The Beast is so generic, while Lesnar is a tough, violent guy the Beast does not describe well the unique brutality that Lesnar exhibits. In short, it’s a crappy nickname and it didn’t really agree with me. However, it later got me thinking maybe there is a reason why the name Beast was hyped up to such an extent. The most famous beast we know is the one from the Book of Revelations.

The numbers 21-1 refer to the Undertaker’s score in Wrestlemania. Had he beat Lesnar it would be 22-0, but as he lost it is 21-1. I thought, since they want the name Beast be in our consciousness, and the numbers 21-1 are all over too, I guess I should found out what they mean. Lo! and behold, I put 21-1 into Google and instantly I get Revelation 21:1. It says:

“And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.”

Sounds like New World Order to me. Lesnar’s victory is supposed to symbolize something like that. Moreover the walkway all of the wrestlers took to get to the ring combined with the images and text in the background looks like a pyramid with the capstone lit up. Above is the text Wrestlemania XXX (30 in Roman numerals). Supposedly XXX means 666. I think they are trying to say something, give us a message.

Quite recently I’ve noticed that Project Bluebeam seems to be rising trend in alternative media again. Bluebeam and discussions of it have been around for a long time, of course, but it seems to have become more popular as of late. Project Bluebeam is the false flag scenario where a faked alien invasion and/or fake religious events will be used to fool people to accept the New World Order. This might be related to the Beast 21-1, or maybe not.

I should probably make one thing clear. I am not accusing Brock Lesnar, the Undertaker, Paul Heyman, or the WWE for that matter, in being complicit in any grand conspiracy. I think the aforementioned three men are great entertainers, and they did their job in Wrestlemania. Their act was merely used as a vehicle for an occult message, which the men were probably unwitting of.



Undertaker and Wrestlemania XXX


The pyramid