21-1; The Streak vs the Beast

Last Sunday in Wrestlemania 30 Brock Lesnar defeated the Undertaker thereby ending his Wrestlemania winning streak spanning 21 years. I am, naturally, referring to the so called professional wrestling; the WWE. I like wrestling, even though I am not very happy with the current state of affairs in the WWE. I certainly did not expect Lesnar to win, although I was extremely happy to see him do so, for three reasons. First of all I quite like Lesnar, he used to be one of favourites when I originally started watching the WWE a bit over 10 years ago (I hadn’t followed the WWE for many years until I started again a few months ago). I am also pleased to see the WWE script writers doing something surprising. Nobody expected Lesnar to win. I am also happy for the Undertaker. He is free from his responsibility to keep on showing up in Wrestlemania, he is free to retire. I think he looked relieved after the match had finished.

This post is not about wrestling, however. It is about the numbers 21-1 and the Beast. For at least the month before Wrestlemania 30 Brock Lesnar’s manager Paul Heyman and the WWE announcers called Brock Lesnar the Beast, and Heyman was telling how he will conquer the streak. The Beast is supposedly the nickname of Lesnar, but I always found it lame, artificial and unfitting for Lesnar. The Beast is so generic, while Lesnar is a tough, violent guy the Beast does not describe well the unique brutality that Lesnar exhibits. In short, it’s a crappy nickname and it didn’t really agree with me. However, it later got me thinking maybe there is a reason why the name Beast was hyped up to such an extent. The most famous beast we know is the one from the Book of Revelations.

The numbers 21-1 refer to the Undertaker’s score in Wrestlemania. Had he beat Lesnar it would be 22-0, but as he lost it is 21-1. I thought, since they want the name Beast be in our consciousness, and the numbers 21-1 are all over too, I guess I should found out what they mean. Lo! and behold, I put 21-1 into Google and instantly I get Revelation 21:1. It says:

“And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.”

Sounds like New World Order to me. Lesnar’s victory is supposed to symbolize something like that. Moreover the walkway all of the wrestlers took to get to the ring combined with the images and text in the background looks like a pyramid with the capstone lit up. Above is the text Wrestlemania XXX (30 in Roman numerals). Supposedly XXX means 666. I think they are trying to say something, give us a message.

Quite recently I’ve noticed that Project Bluebeam seems to be rising trend in alternative media again. Bluebeam and discussions of it have been around for a long time, of course, but it seems to have become more popular as of late. Project Bluebeam is the false flag scenario where a faked alien invasion and/or fake religious events will be used to fool people to accept the New World Order. This might be related to the Beast 21-1, or maybe not.

I should probably make one thing clear. I am not accusing Brock Lesnar, the Undertaker, Paul Heyman, or the WWE for that matter, in being complicit in any grand conspiracy. I think the aforementioned three men are great entertainers, and they did their job in Wrestlemania. Their act was merely used as a vehicle for an occult message, which the men were probably unwitting of.



Undertaker and Wrestlemania XXX


The pyramid


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