Neptune, Horses and Tridents

Seems like the theme this year in symbolism is as the title says Neptune, horses and tridents. Mark Gray connected Flight 370 and the Sochi Olympics to this as well in his Red Ice interview. For years now I’ve been seeing all of this “Illuminati symbolism” in places, and the alternative media points it out where-ever it is found. The question I, and countless others, have been asking is, of course, why is it there, what does it mean? Since the symbolism is so prevalent when know to look for it, it must mean something, but that’s as far as we can normally go.  Myself included. However, I am not above engaging in idle conjecture, which is what I will do now.

Perhaps this symbolism works on the basis of correlation, or an even weirder for of quantum entanglement. Mark Gray pointed out some gematric connections between Flight 370 and the Sochi Olympics, and also both of them had trident and Poseidon symbolism too. Perhaps, on a deeper level of reality than our common sense has access to, one was used to affect the other. The elements on a consciousness level of the two events are related, such as on the physical level two objects made of iron have a connection of similarity, since they are made of the same element. One possibility is that by affecting Flight 370, someone could have attempted to affect Sochi, or Russia. However, I don’t believe that. I see it more likely that both of them have been used by the same force, faction, secret society to affect a future event. Perhaps to create an event, or affect how we experience the event.

The symbolism used is probably to affect consciousness. Both the consciousness of humanity, and consciousness of nature, of reality, or whatever you wanna call it. Although I would say our consciousness and the so called external, elemental consciousness are definitely related, ultimately possibly even the same, yet on some level they are separate. Yesterday I listened to John B. Wells’ interview with Dr. Judy Wood on Caravan to Midnight. Judy Wood said that 9/11 was an attack on consciousness. Elsewhere John B. Wells conjectured that if the physical world is electricity or affected by electricity, and our thought processes are electric impulses, the should be a connection between the physical world and our thoughts. At least that’s how I interpreted it.

Based on this rambling and conjecture I would say symbols are tools that are used to shape and construct forms in consciousness. The symbolism isn’t inherently good or evil, just as any tool is not good or evil, but what you use it for. The greatest evil in this scenario is our completely lack of understanding when it comes to these tools.

Let’s look at the tools then.  Mark Gray said something like the trident is used to stir the ocean of consciousness. It makes sense. If the consciousness is an ocean, and currently its relatively calm, settled in one state, where it desires to remain until a powerful external stimulus motivates it to shift, the trident might be the tool used to change consciousness. Before 9/11 the consciousness was in one state, then 9/11 happened and consciousness was in chaos and flux for a while, after which it settled in a new state. It seems possible that this is what they are now doing. They might be, in fact, be working on a new 9/11, which does not necessarily imply a new false flag attack, but simply a powerful shock to stir consciousness again.

My previous post was on Wrestlemania XXX, 21-1 and the Beast. I also mentioned Project Bluebeam. Perhaps the shock will be related to ETs, (mostly likely fake in some way). However, during the Superbowl, earlier this year, the was the Maserati trident, Mars symbolism (i.e. war) and they were telling us to “prepare”, they were gonna “strike”.  I don’t really know where all of this is pointing to, and I doubt I have all of the evidence either.

Let’s get back to the trident. Perhaps the trident it the Hindu vajra. The vajra looks a bit similar, yet different to a trident, although there are some trident looking vajras out there is you google pictures with “vajra” and “trident”. The vajra is translated as thunderbolt and diamond. Nobody really knows what it is, and I’ve been fascinated and mystified by it for years. Once I thought it might be a technological device, sort of like the Jaffa staff weapons on Stargate, but I’m less inclined to think it now. The vajra might have had a profane manifestation in Vedic times in the physical world, but it more likely to be an energetic tool inherent to our mindscape. A symbol forged by the gods that can be used to alter reality if you know how to wield it. Perhaps we should learn how to use it, with great care, of course.

Horse is another symbol inherent to this year, since this is the year of the horse in Chinese zodiac, and Neptune was the god of horses, as well as the sea. I might be going out on a limb here (as if this whole post isn’t doing it already), but in Voodoo “horse” means someone who is ridden, or possessed, by a Loa, or spirit. Perhaps, this year will see, or has seen already, a lot of possession by other entities. It might actually be what “they” want to accomplish, to open means for spirits to possess people even more than before.

Yet, I wanna take heed of Dr. Judy Wood’s words and not engage too much in conspiracy theory, instead is I should focus on the evidence. The evidence is the symbolism floating around there; Neptune, trident and horse, probably other stuff too that I didn’t mention. I would say that they are tools to affect consciousness. That seems like a reasonable hypothesis, but I just don’t have any real understanding how they are used, why and to what ends. In regard to that I can only engage in conjecture, since I don’t know if I know that I don’t know. And I don’t know anyone else that really knows either. There is no expert that I can rely on.



Mark Gray – Hour 1 – Symbolic Codes & Number Signs of the Missing MH370 Airliner:

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One thought on “Neptune, Horses and Tridents”

  1. Yesterday I listened to the Mark Gray interview on Red Ice Radio and later that night I noticed some symbols in a film I watched called Face Off. At the beginning of the film Sean Archer’s son is shot on a merry-go-round and it purposely shows images of horses, specifically a white horse which has the child’s blood on. Later in the film I noticed that the same character who’s son died, after a face operation to make him look like Castor Troy (another horse connection), has the trident fork of Neptune on the back of his prison clothing. Which seemed a little odd to me.

    I know the film isn’t from 2014 however the synchronicity of stumbling across Mark’s work and then seeing it that evening in a old film chosen completely at random by someone else at my house seemed a bit odd. The film also has connections to terrorism and the old duality, however it kind of mixes the two together, programming that there is good in bad and bad in good.

    I don’t know how this can be applied or if it is of any relevance? I cant say I am any good at understanding symbolism that well as it has only recently been made aware to me in the last 5 years.

    I suppose it goes to show the use of symbols put into the conscious mind of the public long before they take effect.

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